This would be fun

Ok, anyone whos near my age (40), will probably remember a show called “PIMP MY RIDER”. I have a new idea, instead of pimp my ride. Make a new show TAC MY RIDE, have your vehicle get taken for whatever dumb reason just like before and you have no idea. In that time have a lot of GREAT tac stuff installed.

Things like bullet proof glass, run flat tires, armor plates in the doors, bigger engine to compensate for the added weight and hiding spots for your gear. That would be an AWESOME show and very popular to those of us in the community and veterans alike.


Or your AR rifle…turn a 6 1/2 lb rifle into an 8lb Christmas wish list.

Oh wait…Sootch already has that show…… :slight_smile:


I’d like to volunteer my truck for the first episode. 05 Z71 Ext cab. I’m thinking the finished product looking like a modernized version of the “RV from Hell” from Tango and Cash.


Heck, take my 370Z Touring convertible. Turn it into the “James Bond” car or a “Monster Truck”. Just keep it convertible.:eyes::innocent::crazy_face::rofl: