This won't help sleepy Joe

Amazing what you can find on Facebook


What - heaven forbid, I can’t have a gun shipped to my home? You have to be misinformed because the powers that be said you could do that !! Now having had a little fun, we all know the anti-gun people will end up with guns. We now have to help them because they don’t know where the round comes out of the gun. I really don’t want an untrained individual firing rounds willy nilly. Just a thought…


And you are right @Scott_C this indeed will not help Shotgun Joe. The cat is now out of the bag and Shotgun Joe’s followers will turn on him and probably eat him. :flushed:

With a little luck…:slight_smile:

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Reality sucks, don’t it?

(Re-use, re-cycle)

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Problem is now we have many new gun owners who are pro 2a without any training. Scary times and can lead to why we need to ban guns because of lack of knowledge