This sounds promising (Ammo plant construction in WI)

Read this article, opening a 12 Million dollar plant to help take care of the ammo shortage.


Wish I would have seen this about 5 days ago …


Building in Wisconsin sounds risky. IIRC it votes nearly 50/50 each election and if it flips blue that could pose a serious financial risk.

Also, not expected to open until Summer 2022. So no immediate relief on ammo prices.


We’ve got a couple of good folks that are trying to stop dem gov for running wild. Can only hope they last. That said ammo plant is far off in the future but will be welcomed for sure…

So a few years back, the news came out and said there was a gas shortage because of Hurricane Harvey. Gas became really hard to find. It turned out there was no real shortage, but people were concerned about making sure they had gas. It sucked because I was close to E so I had to drive around town to find gas and wait in a long line.

I’m wondering if this is similar. I bet most companies are producing lots of ammo, but many people are buying bulk because it’s hard to come by now and they’ll never catch up. I’m sure Covid also doesn’t help if you have to shut down a plant of Covid spreads or too many people end up out for Covid.


I believe people are greedy horsing mongrels. They keep buying and stashing.


:eyes::eyes:cancels order


I just bought one order of 500 45 acp to practice with my new 1911. It should last me a long time. That is unless my son doesn’t try to mooch off of me.


I hide all my 45 in a cat litter bag😀


It is less the people buying for themselves, even if hoarding.

It is more about the factories trying to recover from shut downs and then people buying as much as they can to make a quick buck. Go on any local marketplace type site and you will find people selling (trying to sell?) Ammo at ridiculous prices.

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I’ve been looking for semi-affordable 223/556 for some time. To the point now where I reserved 2krds of 7.62x39 and have an AR upper ordered for them and the enhanced parts to make it more reliable.

Making myself more ammo diverse and its all together going to cost as much as 2k rounds of 556 at the price my shop usually sells it, providing they can get it in. Been seeing 7.62x39 on the shelves lasting longer anyways…

Haven’t been to the range in forever, want to go out but I don’t have much ammo in 223/556 for shooting. The AK ammo would let me go out to plink here and there. A decent bit of my ammo I also bring out to teach new gun owners, they pay for the lane, I provide the ammo and donate it to teaching them.

With a range in my back yard, I have to seriously cut back on live fire training. I can’t find small pistol primers anywhere to make more 9mm. I still have a nice stockpile of range ammo. .45 ACP is a different story, I have plenty of large primers, but some casings call for small primers, but not a lot.

If I train with someone I don’t go through nearly as much ammo for the simple fact of supervising each other.


I am not gonna pay $64.99 for box of 50 .45ACP ball ammo. (brushes dust off reloading equipment in the garage)


@David559 I certainly hope that’s not the price at your LGS! If so, they are gouging unless they also are paying inflated prices. On Friday, I bought the last box of that days shipment (2 cases gone in 5 hours) at a LGS here that has been around since 1979. Federal .45ACP 230 gr FMJ.
Box of 50. Cost? $24.98.

That price was on I got an email, “IN Stock! Buy now” went to the link and could not believe the price. I just checked again!!! $99.89!!! 2 bucks a round.

Profiteering! :rage:
I’m all for free market and making a profit but, D A Y E M!!

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Do not give Cheaper Than Dirt your money. They are well-known as price gougers everytime there is a panic buy of anything. Spend your dollars elsewhere even if its the same price. I’m not usually a fan of cancelling or boycotting, but I make an exception for these guys…


We call Wisconsin home, @Harvey. (But I know what you mean about our voting :woman_facepalming: )

The town they’re proposing building in is Tim Schmidt’s home town of Manitowoc!


Thanks for that info. I have not purchased from them for years. They must have gold dust in the dirt near them.


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There are other threads about where to find ammo and the current price of ammo. Let’s keep this one about the proposed new manufacturing in Manitowoc. Thanks!