This should never happen- sad

I say this, never underestimate a child. They watch you and what you do and you don’t even notice. He probably noticed his mom putting it in the purse and got curious.A distraction and a wandering mind possibly caused this incident. Could you imagine if someone had been shot. The charges will include reckless endangerment, endangering the welfare of a child, failure to safeguard and some type of negligence.


Fragments probably got to their legs.


I don’t think anyone wants my opinion on this one. But I am going to give it anyway.

Never carry off body. When I leave the house it should be on my body. When I’m in my car I’ve learned it should be on my body. At home… On my body. And if it’s not on my body then there is a cable lock on it.


I guess that’s the polite way the press used for wetting of their pants.

Glock used to put a chilling warning in their manual “Children are naturally attracted to guns…”


Lot of folks, some men, lot of gals carry off body. Need to be a lot more diligent. Also the folks that hide firearms in their home. Just a different idea then mine & yours…


They are such a part of our culture in America that this is not surprising. As a kid, I had countless cap guns, bb guns, pellet guns, etc. Got my first real rifle around 7 years old. I still remember going shooting in northern Michigan with my dad. He had what he called a ‘sharps’ single shot 22 bolt action with 8 or 9 lbs. of lead in the forward stock and peephole sights on it. He was scary accurate with it, but I could barely pick it up.


“Children are naturally attracted to guns”

I have a different perspective on that statement. I think it’s more like Children are naturally attracted to the mysterious (if I had to make a blanket statement). I’m a old guy (early 70’s) and grew up in the south in a military family. Firearms were simply a part of normal life. The long guns stood attention in corners or if toddlers were around they laid on wooden pegs out of reach up on the walls. The handguns were in top drawers in the bedrooms and all the kids who could reach that high knew it. As kids we had all shot them, often with help holding the gun from one of the adults. We all played cowboys and indians or cops and robbers. That was the normal rural southern life of a kid. Guns were just there. We were taught one major rule and that was the muzzle never pointed anywhere except down or sometimes straight up and our finger was never on the trigger. Guns were treated as being loaded, and mostly they were. When a adult wanted one of the guns a kid was sent to retrieve it. As a kid I can not ever remember being attracted to or curious about firearms, they were just there. This is yet another thing the world has moved on from…
I should add that there has never been a accidental shooting in my extended family.


Several ladies at our church purse-carry. Unfortunately they frequently leave their purses unattended throughout church as well, inviting accidents. My wife does not carry, but she does have a small on-body purse that would be ideal for CC. Her purse never leaves her side.

Agree with @Justin47 … off-body carry is fraught with risk. Thankful nobody was hurt seriously.