This should be default by now


The new “Bloomberg” model only counts up to 3 rounds. The standard “California” model remains at 10 rounds. The “Texas” model has 4 digits.


It just dawned on me. The reason the liberals want to ban magazines larger than ten is because then they would have to take off their shoes.


Dude…that’s so Star Trek!!! :nerd_face: :+1:


Not sure I want anyone but me to know how many rounds I have left…

I wonder if they have thought about other uses. Say you set it to "alert’ so if I draw and fire the slide will use BT on my phone to dial 911 and give my GPS location, activate a body cam or dash cam? There would have to be some thought given to avoiding false alarms, etc…, but it could get the calvary rolling faster than waiting till after the shooting.

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Sexy technology, but nope, nope, nope. I don’t want folks to know how many rounds I have in my magazine, and I like my firearms simple. Bells and whistles break, often when it’s least desired.


I’d hack it to show 999 rounds left


I test computer-controlled medical equipment for a living… I"m going with a big fat NOPE! Not a chance. Uh-uh. Don’t think so. That’d be a NO.
Did I mention “No”?


Looking into how this works:

It doesn’t change the action of the glock. Just the back plate on the slide. Then there is a back strap that goes down the back of the grip. Lastly there are magnetic sensors that attach to the follower that allow the sensor to keep track where it is.


Let’s remember to take the high road. Just because we don’t agree with someone’s opinion about something does not make them less than we are or ignorant. Part of the greatness of this country is that we can disagree and still be civil and respectful. Lowering our standards to being disrespectful and rude about a group of people who don’t agree with us does nothing to improve others’ understanding of who responsibly armed Americans are. In fact, it gives them more ammo to say we’re as “bad as they say we are”.


The only thing that tells me is anti-gun people haven’t heard of mag pouches I can have 10 rounds in gun and 4 more ten rounds on my side in pouch there is always a way around everything