This is why Britian will fall!

General behind plan to relax Army security checks says force is ‘too hierarchical’

Britain’s second most senior general has said she wants to see less hierarchical behaviour and more “empowerment” in the Army.

Lt Gen Dame Sharon Nesmith, the deputy chief of the general staff, said in an interview that “just because we have lots of rank structure, doesn’t mean to say that we have to behave in a hierarchical way”.

Lt Gen Nesmith, tipped by some as future chief of the service, was the author of the controversial Army Race Action Plan which advocates easing security checks in order to drive diversity.

The document, disclosed by The Telegraph last week, has been denounced as “dangerous madness” by former senior officers and prompted a “furious” Grant Shapps to order a review of diversity policies in the Ministry of Defence.

Lt Gen Nesmith, the most senior female Army officer and with overall responsibility for personnel, wrote a foreword to the Race Action Plan in which she stipulated its intention to “secure equality of opportunity for all from day one”.

On Friday night, a former security minister said the general’s involvement showed that the ideas in the Race Action Plan came “right from the top” of the Army structure.

There is more on The Telegraph/ but I couldn’t stand it anymore.
I did read the entire article though and this chick is Whack! Read it and make your own interpretation…
You really want to get a handle on this DEI Reject read the ‘comments’ They know what’s what…
If the UK listens to her they are DOOMED! Churchill is spinning madly!
Where We Go 1 We Go All–Just be NICE to everybody folks, there are NO bad people. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: tea and crumpets for the enemy? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I am struggling with this logic, please help me out. She can start though by sharing her salary with some enlisted personnel.


And I thought we were the only ones losing our minds in the name of DEI and being “progressive.” Well, I guess we know one old friend that we won’t be able to count on when the SHTF. The British soldiers will be debating the racial rights of the enemy and which latrine to use while the PLA will be overrunning the west.

Are the French going down the DEI sewer pipe? I’m thinking of all our major allies at this point. Who hasn’t lost their minds yet? Who’s gonna lead “The West” as the focal point of logic and intelligence?


Suicide by diversity!


DEI is an American export, as is BLM. Our enemies are laughing until they cry as we feminize the ranks. Serving in most military branches now can be highly hazardous to your health (career), especially if you are a white male, unless you ‘tow the line’ and go along with this nonsense. Young men who once would have joined in a heartbeat are holding out. Our recruitment levels are suffering in a huge way and standards are being lowered. Who wants to be in the military these days? I served over 20 years and am proud of it, but this DEI crap started getting shoved down our throats in the mid-80s. I’d had enough by the mid-90s and left. My son left after 8 years for the same reason.


Heck! I left in 85 when they decided to dumb down my sidearm from a .45ACP 1911 to a 9mm Baretta!
I’m surprised they haven’t sunk lower to the wood grain slingshot or the almighty spit ball!



This kind of sarcasm can only be forged after many years of saluting bigger brass with lower IQ.


The current state of our Dept. of “Defense” isnt much better.

Promotion based on race and whatever the F’k you think you are? This nation’s defense will ultimately depend on citizens doing it.


Unfortunately Brother THAT is exactly what is going to happen. We are going to not only HOLD THE LINE but our own .gov is forcing us to take a stance and take that Bloody Hill once again. And sadly ‘The Shepple’ mostly either don’t see this or obliviously don’t think this is going to happen.