THIS is how far off the Deep End We've Gone

The Title of the Article says it all:
TSA agent hit her testicles

then there’s this:
“TSA agent punched her in the testicles while going through security”

And this:
"she said she was left crying for over an hour and said “my balls still hurt so bad,”

"She does not want the TSA agent to be fired, she said in a separate post but wanted “her educated and the entirety of tsa abolished altogether.”

Yes folks She got hit in the Nuts and She wants the TSA abolished for it.

SHE said all of this, it printed like it’s a terrible miscarriage of TSA security. She Has Boy Parts She is not She.


Interesting, let’s see how far this goes. The TSA agent in question should be relieved of their duties immediately.


The TSA has been getting away with violating our rights and dignity for the past 2 decades for their farcical security theater show with the media being all for it. But mess with just one member of one of the newly anointed privileged classes and the media will start calling for the TSA’s abolishment?

But seriously if the story is even close to true as presented, regardless of what type of private parts got punched, why is this TSA agent not in a cell let alone still being employed to poke and prod people at their own discretion?


I’m lost. When did shes get testicles? Why would they even think to avoid them…


Are we 100% believing the media’s statement than the TSA employee “punched” this person? Because the media posted it so that must be what happened?


It’s a scam it never happened, how could the TSA agent punch a woman in the testicles?


Friendly advice, place your balls in the grey bin and move along!


What about people born with intersex conditions? There are actual people with testicles raised as and legally women alive today. There have always been people like this and always will be. You read a headline, and decided to post what is really just a homophobic, not transphobic, rant about what you think is a man in a dress on a CONCEALED CARRY INSURANCE COMPANY FORUM. There are bigger political issues to focus on right now, and more productive directions for your passive contempt to be directed at.

If that’s off the deep end then your pool must be very very shallow.


Maybe she was trying to smuggle them…


Do ya think he aaa she was one of those?


That’s the tough thing for me to figure out in this story. There are two competing priorities for the typical main stream media here. They usually want us all to willingly subject ourselves to having our rights violated by the TSA in the name of safety. But they also want to show that transgender people face abuse every day. Kinda surprised they decided to use this as an example as it promotes one of their prime messages at the expense of the other.

Hard to imagine a TSA officer punching someone in the privates. But I’ve heard lots of stories of sketchy TSA staff doing sketchy things.

The most likely explanation is that this person didn’t like getting poked and prodded in the privates (can’t blame them for that one) so they are trying to make the TSA pay for the indignity.

Being this happened in an airport there should be some video showing what actually happened. I wouldn’t trust either side of this story without seeing the video, preferably with audio.


Why does it matter? You’re still taking the rage bait headline hook line and sinker, but that just means you’re thinking about the specific details of alleged and/or confirmed male genitalia on a stranger this long… I don’t know about you bro but that’s kinda weird.

I’m not a political ■■■■■■■ queermo by the way, I just wanted to point out that they could be. It shouldn’t matter to Joe Blow reading the news whether or not every woman has a fat hog, right?

And to everyone supporting the conservative political movement recently that really cares about hypothetical dicks on real women I want to assert that my private parts are private, I got a P365x and a half pack of cinnamon gum in my pants, and no I won’t share.

Hypersexualized hyperpoliticized and super homoerotic Republican bullshit, what’s this gotta do with the pew pew guns and making jokes about communists/Yankees with their limp-dicked limited magazines and stuff?

Oh sorry I forgot to answer your question: I don’t think about low testosterone beta male nuts, ever. So “idk like, DAAAMN, that’s wild…”


I’m surprised no one took video and posted it to social media.


That’s another reason why I think it’s most likely this person was just offended after being forced to subject themselves to a standard everyday invasive TSA pat down.


If someone happened to be taking video in the TSA area of an airport and caught this incident, that would almost make me believe it was a setup. I would be surprised if there was video; and if there is TSA security footage, they’re not going to be too eager to release it.

I’m with some earlier commenters, this whole story is weird, no matter how you look at it. I have a hard time believing that a TSA agent intentionally “punched” anybody, unless things were already going sideways. The transgender question is almost irrelevant in that respect, but it does raise more questions.

Such as… If this person was a documented female, then she should have gotten a female agent to do the search. If this person was a documented male but claimed to be a woman, that might have raised the red flags that initiated the TSA search. But male or female, TSA agents aren’t expected to punch anyone. I’ve been patted down plenty of times in the airport (it’s the only action I get, these days), and they’re pretty methodical about it. One could wonder if this traveler’s balls got batted because the TSA agent didn’t know they were there, but that takes us back to the male TSA agent feeling up a person he thought was a woman.

More questions than answers from me.


Nuff Said


Groomers target children. They say the darndest things but also unfiltered truth.


Phobia means a fear of. I don’t fear these whackaloons or anyone else. Two years in Iraq and Afghanistan, getting mortared and rocketed on a daily basis tends to make one pretty jaded about death, so someone who is confused about what’s between their legs isn’t that scary.


Happy anniversary @GrayMan!


Happy Anniversary brother @GrayMan