Thinking About Switching to Appendix

Thanks again Harvey for all the help. The holster was not cheap and it had a lot of options. I decided if I’m stuffing a gun in the front of my pants, I wanted to get something high quality :joy:.

I went with the metal clips. Excited to try them out. It would be cool if they work as ultimate clips. I just figured they would be a little more durable and sturdy. I like how I can order any of their clip products whenever though.

I did get a foam wedge from JM. I’ll try it. I saw a lot of people complain about how “grippy” it is. The Tier 1 and Darkstar both look to have good foam wedges.

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This is a must


The trust in AIWB has been restored :sweat_smile:


I am going to echo the previous comments recommending Tier 1 Concealed. Lately I have been carrying a Gen 5 Glock 17 and just bought the Tier 1 with extra mag holder. I am 6’3 245lbs and can comfortable carry that holster setup all day standing or sitting. My SIG 938 in an Alien Gear appendix holster prints more then this holster setup. Definitely use the foam wedges as well. In my option the Tier 1 Concealed is well worth the wait and by far the best holster I have owned.



I’m gonna try this JM custom for my M&P9 I just bought for a few months. I’m still interested in getting a Tier 1 for one of my shields somewhere down the road.

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Welcome to the family @Timothy131 and you are in the right place at the right time.

That is a nice setup @Timothy131 :+1::+1:

Y’all gotta stop posting these because they make me want one :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

I will say I thought the tier one was over priced, however, it’s about right since it comes with a sidecar.

I’d I bought a Vedder holster and a mag holster that’s close to $120.

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