They are here

Yet some people think that they should be able to pass freely through farms and ranches along the border. This invasion needs to be stopped. Our current administration is encouraging this. These illegals will probably be deported so they can just turn around and come right back to live their special life style.


Biden’s State Dept Allowed Criminal to Enter U.S. (

At least this one was caught before he could do any more harm. Way to go ICE.

The State Department granted a B-2 tourist visa to a Brazilian citizen who had been convicted of raping a child, allowing him to enter the U.S.

Edimir Gustavo Eckelberg, 62, was convicted in May 2023 in Brazil but given the visa before his sentencing.

He arrived in New York in April 2023 and resettled in Massachusetts before ICE arrested him in May after Brazil issued a warrant for his failure to appear in court to serve his 12-year sentence.

The Department of Justice issued a Notice to Appear before an immigration judge.

Eckelberg was held in ICE custody until being deported on January 26 and handed over to Brazilian authorities.

An ICE official stated communities are safer without Eckelberg, calling child sexual assault the most repulsive crime.

“There is no more repulsive and disturbing crime than the sexual assault of a child,” ICE official Todd Lyons stated. “Our New England communities are safer without the presence of Edimir Gustavo Eckelberg, who is now in the hands of Brazilian authorities.”

The case highlighted how a convicted child rapist was able to obtain a U.S. visa from the State Department before facing full legal consequences.


Dang, I was hoping a B-2 Visa would have dropped him like a bomb from it’s bay. :sunglasses:


Toxic Masculinity at it’s best. :muscle:


Just Evil… The “WAR on WOMAN” continues. :angry:

Takeaway comments…

Has Joe Biden made a comment about this and condemned the perpetrators?


And, we black folks wonder why non blacks do not want to be bothered with us black people.


Nothing destroys Black America like Black America.


Where is Oprah and Gail? Where is Whoopie and Sunny? Charles Barkley & Patrice Cullers, hello? Where are you, Miss Joy Reid? WHERE is Jesse Jackson and the "Rainbow Push Coalition?


What a street kidnapping looks like. She was lucky someone cared.


Smart girl to have recognized what was about to happen.


Illegal immigrant accused of causing head-on crash that killed young Missouri boy (

A woman in the U.S. illegally is accused of causing a head-on, wrong way, crash that left a 12-year-old Missouri boy dead.

Travis Wolfe was just one day away from celebrating his 12th birthday when authorities say Endrina Bracho slammed into his family’s car head-on.

Authorities tell Fox News Digital Bracho, 33, was barreling down the highway the wrong way, going 70 miles per hour in a 40 mile per hour zone.

Wolfe was severely injured but initially survived the December 2023 crash that happened in Hazlewood.



Pres said the border has never been more secure, she is not illegal, and you can get an abortion at the drive-thru. :roll_eyes:
So this never happened


Any reasonable person would want Daniel Penny and not a card: Harold Ford, Jr. | Watch (

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I don’t believe that card will stop the bleeding from a head wound.


Conservatives Connect NYC Street Puncher to Daniel Penny (

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Speaking of.

Trial of Daniel Penny, charged in chokehold death of Jordan Neely on subway, to begin in early October (

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In NYC they should use the SF cards to stop criminals.