These Boots Were Made for … Training? | USCCA

A few weeks ago, my husband and I were demonstrating the “Tueller Drill” in the Women’s Introduction to Pistol class we were teaching. In this aptly named “21-Foot Drill,” we can show that an assailant can cover about 21 feet in fewer than two seconds (1.5 seconds, on average). This validates why the responsibly armed need to be well-trained, aware and ready to safely and effectively get their firearms out and on target very quickly.

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Shouldn’t that read “at ONE time?” LOL!
Ask me how I know this and why I am ashamed to admit knowing what “slingbacks” are. :cry:

I am always on Nancy about her wearing sandals in the summer, I make sure she has a sturdy pair of hiking boots in her car. :roll_eyes:

High heels are a medieval torture device. And let’s be honest, women only wear them to impress other women. No man watches a woman walk away and thinks “wow, look at her shoes!” But a man might laugh as he watches a women stumble around in ridiculous heels.

Women, wear good shoes. It might not save your life, like in the article, but it might save you from foot surgery.

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Ummm… I agree on the torture device, but not the rest. I have made my wife jealous more than once by my eyes catching other women’s shoes passing by, and actually verbalizing “wow, those are nice.” And she actually knows I’m referring to the shoes. The result is typically even less space for me a few days later in our master bedroom closet.

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Ha ha… ok, I’ll amend my statement. There’s at least one man who checks out women’s shoes. Not judging. Much. :grin: