The Worst Case Scenario For Our Military

During this Pandemic if it continues to worsen to the point of governments toppling, including ours, what will the military do? Each member of the military is sworn to defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. We have lots of both,
I am being pessimistic here, but some facts are undeniable.

  1. Unemployment is at an all time high
  1. The deficit is at an all time high
  2. The Second Amendment is under attack by Democrats at an all time high
  3. Gun sales are at an all time high
  4. Government corruption, fake news, lies, and corruption are at an all time high
    The Second Amendment was added by our founders to have “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” It was added because of the tyrannical rule of the British that they had finally escaped from. The State is now The United States.
    To our brave members of the military, a difficult time is coming and the writing is on the wall. God bless and prayers to all.

Military will do what they are ordered to do…
[…] I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me[…]

additionally National Guard…
[…] I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the Governor of STATE and the orders of the officers appointed over me[…]

My guess is that Military will do nothing as far as National Guard can handle situation.

Stay positive and safe!

Isn’t this a permanent condition? It didn’t lead to military rule so far.


You didn’t understand my post or my wording was unclear. The scenario was if the government collapses, there will be no POTUS to be loyal to. Therefore no constitution to protect. Is the military going to align with Patriots was the question.

How come the Government may collapse? Not now, not because of pandemic.
Even we think about such situation, Military will have orders BEFORE Government collapses.

I know what the wording says as I took the oath working for a three letter acronym (TLA) recruited while there was a Saigon.
My scenario is based on no government, no POTUS, and no Constitution and will the military align with the Militia.

I’m not expert, but US Government seems to be the best organized in this World.
My guess is that there is an established chain of responsibility in case of any bad situations.
There is no such thing as Military without Command.
Even there would be no Government (however I doubt if this is possible), Constitution is still valid.
(if I understand correctly: The Constitution is the act of people constituting Government)

IMO, you need to define Militia.
I personally, never seen any. I did see a bunch of Software Engineers dressed in tactical on weekend and then talking the talk over a couple of beers. Where is this Militia, who are its commanding officers? Why are they different from any other private Citizen in the eyes of the generals and admirals?

I guess there are all sorts of continuity plans, e.g., if you have to defend the US soil and civilians, NorthCom and gen.O’Shaughessy become the government. You need an alien invasion, or Yellowstone blow up for this, no less.

CV19? Pfffeh!


In the U.S. the unorganized militia is every able bodied man, technically it is now anybody within the age band but the law itself says man, between the ages of 15 or 18 and 45 or 50. (The age band depends on which militia act you read with 15-45 being the original as well as the most recent one).

Disregard any socialist definition.

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Only if it’s a lawful order. I don’t follow blindly, nor did any soldier I served with during my 24 years of service.


And you are right here…
I’ve never served in US. Have no idea what is more important here - orders, the Law or rationality.

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So goes the theory. To make things practical, you must add one very important consideration -must be willing to get off their behind. I dont think many are.


If there’s no government or constitution, then in your scenario there’s no real union, correct? So then there’s no United States and therefore no United States military.

What would they do? God only knows. But consider that the US armed forces has never attempted a takeover, in spite of the abuses they’re subjected to. Is that due to the wisdom of our politicians or the integrity of our service members? The answer to that question might solve your scenario.

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Disobeying an order gets you in trouble much faster, than obeying an illegal order. So… it really depends on testicular fortitude, decency, and how much a soldier fears God.


Then that’s on them. They are on their own. I only help those that are willing and able to help themselves.

My article was to get a lot of input to a lingering question of “What would the military do in a worst case scenario “, but not much response.
On another quick note my grandson joined the Navy last summer and did his boot camp at Great Lakes in Illinois. Now he is stationed at Pensacola NAS. If you remember a few months ago a Saudi shot up a classroom while he and some others were taking flight school. He killed and wounded several Navy personnel. My grandson’s barracks were adjacent to the classroom and there were several bullet holes in his barracks walls. He is ok but it was a sobering time.

Thanks for your responses and stay safe.

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Militia was the name given to the people the founders of the Constitution and in particular the Second Amendment and later became the word “Military “. Some good history on the internet is available.

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Militia is the word given by the founding fathers in the Second Amendment now known as the military. Some good history is on the internet.


The term ‘Militia’ is ambiguous, until we break it down.

The definition I provided was obviously the ‘Unorganized’ militia, which has been used several times in our history. Revolution and Spanish American Wars are two examples.

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