The Well Armed Women

To all of the awesome Well Armed Women who are attending that Annual National Leadership Conference in Phoenix - please stop by our booth and say HI! Beth V and I will be there to talk about all things USCCA and self-defense.

Be sure to say Hi here as well even if you’re not able to attend the Conference!


Girls with guns? Hmm that’s gonna draw responsibly armed men like honey draws flies. :joy:


@ Dawn, do you need any extra help in Phoenix? I live in Tempe and I’d be more than happy to volunteer if you need it. If yes please let me know the dates and times that you’d need me. I’m always glad to help with anything gun related.

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Well armed women? If that’s not equal rights, what is?



Precisely :grin:

I went to a state WAW event recently in Michigan… I’ll just tell you that it’s a pretty cool experience to realize I’m sitting in a room with SIXTY other women who GET IT.

All ages, all races, all sorts of family circumstances. Frilly and serious and practical. Experienced and novice and the whole lot in between. AMAZING.

I love hanging with the guys, and I’m entirely comfortable being the only woman on the range. This was new. And it was Very Very Cool. VERY. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


darn, and here I have to stay here and babysit three cats
Thats right! RBAM here in GA and LOVES cats! can it get much better than that?
Enjoy the feels like 120’s out there in Arizona; not much better here either.

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I’m happy to report everyone survived the 116 degree day on the range. It was brutal, but the women LOVED the Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Course we did.

I’m still learning so much about the course myself - can’t wait to do it again!


Funny about those times you wanna have a solar shower near by - IN THE SHADE!


You must been in Arizona. Because its been up in the 111-117’s all week. And I hope that everyone was drinking a lot of water being in the heat.


And people live there? I mean on purpose,like, voluntarily? :cold_sweat::desert::sunny:


Yeah, I have an aunt and uncle that live in Arizona. We visited them once when I was a kid. My dad took the thermometer off the porch out into the sun. It hit 115 degrees and was still rising. Dad decided it was time to go back in the house. Lol