The Warning about a Coronavirus Pandemic

I was hospitalized in 2011 when I had the flu and lay on the couch for 2-3 days. I didn’t drink much of anything because I couldn’t stand the thought of eating or drinking, and I slept in front of the TV the whole time. By the time I went to the doctor, he turned to my wife and said, “take him to the hospital (the building right next door). His admitting orders will be there by the time you get there.” I stayed overnight and didn’t feel well enough to return to work for another four days.

The point is - if you get sick, keep pushing the fluids. You can die of dehydration faster than you think.


The up to two week incubation bothers me a little. Apparently you can spread this for days before symptoms show. Not good.


The news is no better today.

Something I have learned about what the government has always said, regardless whether it is a budget figure, or a statistic, such as the counts for the virus, always at a ZERO to the figures they give you.


Looking worse and worse. Figures are in the 10’s of thousands now with thousands dead. The images from China confirm to me that this is not just a 2.1% death rate regular old flu. I’ve seen lots of images and footage of Chinese health workers all wearing full ebola type body suites. Dead bodies on the floors of hospitals and patients coughing up blood.

The Chinese govt knows its out of control but the longer they can say things are fine the longer they can keep it from affecting their economy and commerce.

I think we may hear and read bigger changes next week.



Ok, by the numbers. This just doesn’t add up.
Per John Hopkins CONFIRMED:

40,505 Infected
910 Deaths
3,301 Recovered

Ummmm, What about the other 36,294 people?! Any update on those?

Remember when it comes to the government, at minimum just add a Zero to everything.


It’s in Italy now.


Pandemic preps anyone???


I’ve bought more food, as family is indicating they will come to our place if there is a local outbreak and possible lockdowns or quarantine areas.

But, been prepping for years so I have all the other toys so to speak.

I’m just waiting for certain trigger points.


From what I hear, new research says you can be shedding virus for 40-odd days without showing symptoms. Our 14 day isolation period is wholly inadequate if this is true.


Excellent discussion, as a retired military nurse and having worked through the Ebola scare I am not to scared about the coronavirus. The percentage s as stated earlier are not indicative of something like the Spanish flu a true pandemic! Additionally, as stated the populations which are impacted the most are third world countries, poor nutritional diets, poor health and over crowding…etc. With the Ebola scare they did realize that these factors make a huge difference on the outcomes for mortality/morbidity. The Americans that were thought to have contracted Ebola said it was much like having the flu and quickly recovered. Common since and good hand washing will go a long way to keeping us safe.


Of note the information we are receiving is somewhat limited and a bit “medically” noncommittal. China is possibly hiding a little/a lot …but when have they not!


So now it is a serious problem in Italy.
Dow down -1,100 today.

Still waiting for a trigger point to shelter in place. A bit closer today.


Just a side note… It seems like the news isn’t really covering big Pharma’s response unless you dig for it. Here’s a link of various trials going on: Coronavirus treatment: Vaccines/drugs in the pipeline for Covid-19

As usual, by the time I hear about it, it has already been factored into the stock market and financial circles… interesting that that’s not included in many of today’s headlines. Many of the companies in the above article saw their stock jump 15%-200% a week or so ago.


Free trade, free markets, capitalism, the desire to earn profits and to make money, these are the incentives that drive people to work harder and to discover, invent and find solutions. It’s the American Way and it works.


What’s the trigger point for whether the EXPO is held or cancelled?


There has been no discussion (that I’m aware of) about canceling the Expo. We’ve still got a month until the Expo, this could be completely over by then.

For your health, be sure to follow all of the recommended prevention steps which are similar to the flu prevention steps. Wash your hands, maintain your personal space (3 feet between you and others who are coughing or sneezing), avoid touching your face, cover your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze (dispose of the tissue immediately), if you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing seek medical attention. For full details, visit the WHO website.


I just didn’t know if there was a trigger point, in other words if there was an “if then” point.

My plans are to attend, I think it will be worse for the economy than it will be health wise.


There’s a YT’er that said he keeps a hand sanatizer mini bottle clipped to his bag while at those shows. IIRC, he said that his friends/family usually come over to him to get a few squirts throughout (since it is mounted for easy accessibility). Sounds like a good idea to me in general.


I brought the subject to the attention of our pastor a few weeks ago and he wrote up a big leaflet for the bulletin that talked about Jesus helping the sick and how we should all help the sick and not run from them.

My question was specific about handshaking and personal contact in church, before during and after service. He did NOT address that at all.

We will fist bump, and have a sanitizer wipe handy, just like Mr. Monk. When it comes to Texas and is locally wide spread we will discontinue going to service until it passes.


@Fizbin You can also buy a small spray can of Lysol about the size of a roll of quarters.
Lysol will kill about anything, I carry all 3, wipes, sanitizer and Lysol.
You can spray Lysol on the outside of your M95 mask (let it dry) to kill anything that touches it. :wink: Stay safe, Bruce and Nancy.