The USA, Terrorism and the 2nd Ammendment

I may be preaching to the choir here, so please forgive.

The history of the USA is full of terrorism both foreign and domestic. It started from the very beginning with Kings Men and has continued through our day. The founding fathers were familiar with this type of expression by various groups, yet they thought it important enough to ensure that our God-given right to bear arms was not to “be infringed” when they crafted the Constitution of our new Democratic-Republic. Upon doing a quick lookup on my computer as to the meaning of infringe, the first definition that came up was a legal one that stated: “act out as to limit or undermine (something); encroach on.” This legal definition seems to be very straight forward and to the point.

I am constantly amazed at how an amendment with so few words can create such an uproar in our country. I remember that we were having the same debates about what this amendment means, when I was in high school in the 1970’s as we are still having today. There have always been those forces trying to take our guns away for the sake of a safer society, as if that would work. It is interesting how they have objectified everything that happens and blame it on the inanimate objects of guns rather than admit that we have upset individuals, mentally ill individuals, or just plain scared people who need help rather than their rights taken away. The latest thing that has struck me is the term “Gun Violence”. I have been exposed to guns throughout my whole life, my fathers when I was growing up and now mine as an adult, and I have yet to have any of them turn violent on me or anyone else of their own accord. They do not place thoughts of violence in my head, nor do I think of using them against any particular race, or nationality of people in a violent manner. In fact, I hope I never have to use them except for target shooting, hunting, and recreational plinking.

US society needs to take ownership of its problems of racism, hate, fear and the out-casting of groups that are new and different, whether they be black, Muslim, Hispanic, or in the case of my ancestors Irish, German, Mormon. Then each individual and family need to work together with others in our society to overcome these problems and prejudices. These are things that can only be taken care of on a personal level and no nationwide banning of any weapon are going to solve them.


Gun control has nothing to do with making society safer, the politicians just use that as a excuse. Gun control is about control of the masses by the ruling class.


Amen to that! A quick study of world history shows how that has happened time and again to other countries. Let us not be the next society to lose our freedoms!

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Point, set, and match. Nailed it…:handshake::heart::us: