The Ultimate Show For Crazies

Stubbed your toe, did you? Still hurts? KINGS OF PAIN - which I caught today - has to be just the ticket for pain junkies. While a medic stands by, two supposedly adult males subject themselves to bites and stings from various venomous and non-venomous animals, and give first-hand analysis of the initial pain, lingering pain, and damage from each. Two marine animals featured were the lionfish and the crown-of-thorns starfish.

P. S. - Another animal featured is the Goliath bird-eating spider, the heaviest and second-largest in the world, with a leg-span of 11". SA natives catch, roast, and eat these for a delicacy. They had to really irritate the one they caught to make it bite - even with its 1" fangs.

What is the show called you seen this on ? sorry to bother you was just wondering something might want to see.