The Two Types of Guys Who Go to “the Range”

I know some of you won’t look at this, because it’s on instagram, but it’s definitely worth it if you do.

Thank my wife who stumbled across it, and saved it for me.

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I’m still laughing.

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I don’t have FB or IG, can’t see their stuff. No clock either.

It’s pretty sweet.


The good news is you don’t need either to watch. Just a browser. Nevertheless, I get it. I should transcribe this.

I’m an FB and IG denier as well and don’t see a browser friendly link option in your post. All I see is part of an image with some cut off text in it.


Thanks for the heads up @Shamrock. The post was undergoing review, and I assumed it would show correctly when approved. I guess it didn’t.

Here’s a bare naked address to copy and paste:


That link works and it was a good laugh:)

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Toss in Tik Tok and almost all other social media. This site and YouTube are my only social media.

@Shamrock Take my :+1: again. Stop being sensible, and saying things I agree with. :skull:


YupuTube is as far as I go. :t_rex::sauropod:

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Link didn’t work for me on either Firefox or Opera.

For you @Ron43xMOS, hopefully this will work…

This was too funny to be living on a single platform, so I looked it up on YouTube.

(BTW, I just finished Shepard & Scott’s book, Extreme Long Range Shooting Fun where they say “The sport of Extreme Long Range Shooting can be described as golf for people with high IQs…”)


Junk golfballs and a high angle pitching wedge work pretty good for skeetesq shooting lol