The True Origins of Lyme Disease



I have read about this previously, and the evidence I have found has convinced me that it is true.


Read the book : Lab 257: The Disturbing Story of the Government’s Secret Germ Laboratory


I have a friend who struggles with ongoing Lyme disease. He told me about this some time ago after Covid. Yeah. Messed up world.


My Dog (a 10yo. Shelty) died of Lyme disease. It is a terrible thing to watch. Nothing the Vet did helped. He went from bad to worse, from worse to bad to worse and dropped dead after 5 months of terrible pain, if it happens to my Dog again, I will put him down right away. :frowning_face:


I have had Lyme disease 8 times. Full disclosure - I live in Old Lyme, CT. The first time was in 1994 and most recently a couple years ago. My advantage is that the local doctors are aware of and look for Lyme. Also I know from experience that when both my knees and hips ache, there’s a good chance I have it again… A few weeks on Doxycycline usually takes care of it. I do have a standing disagreement with my Doctor. I say it never goes away completely and he says it does…

By pure chance, I was able to tour Plum Island a few years ago. A Veterinarian who worked there was able to take a group of us on an official tour. All they admitted to working there on the island was Hoof and Mouth disease. Nobody in the group believed that since we were escorted by the Vet plus a tour guide and two armed security guards. Why the armed guards???

Actually, Lyme disease has been around for thousands of years. Otzi , the “iceman” found frozen had Lyme disease and he’s been dead 5,300 years.

Perhaps it has been weaponized? Gain of Function?


Way back when we first heard of the AIDS virus how do you suppose that came to be. First found in the middle of nowhere in the middle of Africa, now found worldwide. And we say the Chinese are bad.


High doses of antibiotics are not good for us and don’t always work. I found an alternative medicine doctor from Texas that found i had Lyme. She tests via your saliva.
My sister has had Lyme for a long time and now has autoimmune. She is now being treated by this doc as other treatments have not helped.


Interesting post. I used to plant 35 acres of the botanical gardens. Some of the area that I worked was in the woods with deer migration. Through the garden we , the staff were trained to dress appropriately long sleeves, long pants and duct tape our wrist and ankles as to prevent tick bites.
A thorough body check after my work was complete. I always carry a tweezers and alcohol wipes.
I check my Plott hound after walk.
Mosquitoes carry many diseases as well.


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I think my friend would agree with you. He goes to a naturopath and they say there’s some sort of stage where the virus goes dormant or encapsulates in something to protect itself. I get lost in those discussions, although they are fascinating.

I know another lady who has struggled with Lyme for years. She has good days and a LOT of bad days where she is essentially debilitated. Nasty stuff.