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If you have been following our social media channels or blog, you may have noticed the wonderful partnership we have established with Tim Kennedy. Our employees had the pleasure of meeting him when he visited the USCCA headquarters two months ago, and we’re honored to have Tim as a USCCA Member.

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So do USCCA members need to do anything to enter?


X2… USCCA member right here! Need to win this experience!!!

That sounds like a truly amazing experience… wow

Thank you USCCA for once again giving some fortunate individual the opportunity to experience an opportunity of a lifetime.

If i am already a member how do i enter this is truly an amazing experience with such a great american warrior and hero

Getting the entry information updated for you all! Will be updated shortly. :smiley:

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*A note about eligibility: Both USCCA Members and non-members are eligible to win the Tim Kennedy Experience. Non-members and members can enter to win through the No Purchase Necessary page.

This would be an absolutely incredible experience alone without all the extras. Just say’n. If I get selected, I’d happily donate the store credit to some kids/folks in more need - in fact I’d even be willing to match the amount! (I’ve been blessed and do well enough for myself already). And I got plenty of toys, so other than maybe one of those cool pelican cases and the Leupold, it would be sweet to join Tim on a facebook live auction or something like that at the end of the trip, to auction the rest of those items and donate whatever is raised to another good cause of his choice. Sign me up! Cheers from CA. p.s. just gotta get back to the range on that Day 4! :wink: Cheers, Brandon

Any updates on how to enter?

To enter for the Tim Kennedy Experience:

If you’re not a USCCA member, you can join and be entered. Click here.

Current USCCA Members, please use the link at the end of the blog above to enter (click on Show Full Post… and scroll to the bottom.)

But where? I’m on my phone, and cannot see a way to enter!

If you’re a member, go to the first post of this thread and click on that. It will take you to the blog post and the information will be at the bottom of that post, @Eugene17.

Dawn, I’ve clearly lost my mind from this quarantine. I’ve tried all the links I can, and still do not see a place for members to register. Went to the first post, as you instructed, and did not see anything that allows me to register. Any advice appreciated.

I messaged you @Eugene17! :smiley:

I clicked on the “No Puchase Necessary” link but it said Couldn’t understand my browser. Please advise.

That’s a new error to me, @Paul18. Are you on your phone or a computer?

On an IPAD & I also tried it on my computer. I have tried it several times. Still receiving same error. Please advise how I can enter. Thanks, Paul

Give us a call at 877-677-1919 and we can troubleshoot this in real time, @Paul18.