The Threat of Nuclear War

Absolutely, no disrespect to anyone who has ever been a prisoner of war!

Considering the situation we are in, nationwide, worldwide, my health and age. I’m almost at the breaking point, can we consider ourselves to be prisoners of this administration. I’m not falling into the Stockholm syndrome, but I’m coming close to switching sides! Not really, I’m no traitor. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to fight a losing battle.
Should a man know when he’s been conquered?

The torture, well they let out all the real criminals to prey upon us,
( hence prisoners in our own homes ), completely surrounded by the enemy, they removed the possibility of a prosperous life, they are killing people all around us, we are at war on numerous fronts, they are literally changing boys/men into girls, we’re being lied to daily, ( propaganda ) they are bombing innocent towns and poisoning them, depleting our resources, like I said, no disrespect, but would waterboarding be easier?

Don’t I have rights under the Geneva Convention? We are definitely not being treated humanely! I know there are people out there ( parents and J6 prisoners ) who are being coercively interrogated.
If this administration is not considered a war crime, I don’t know what is!

Do the following articles apply?

There seems to be no one in charge, we have no means of escaping, there’s no where to escape to! 2024 and nuclear war are right around the corner! Are we not prisoners?


Well all sides involved possibly have forgotten something. Nuclear, :us: Nobody wins. Even the initial winners are going to be losers.


The people calling the shots don’t care. They’ll be safe in luxury bunkers. They have forgotten or not learned.


Yeah, that’s right. But it still not going to go like they think.


I think one of the things they haven’t thought about is what happens when they come out of their bunkers. They run into us, the P.O.'d survivors. We’ll be hurt, we’ll be angry, we’ll be armed. They’ll step out and tell us how they are going to fix all of the ruins and it won’t go good for them.


Once fall out hits the jet stream. Game over. While on active duty we had our primary MOSs. As my additional duties for one company i was assigned to was Assistant NBC, CBR NCO. During this time period I learned some extra lessons about nuclear war. We had a poster somewhere that said what to do in case of attack. It said as best I can remember" Bend over, Grasp cheeks firmly, Kiss your 6 goodbye." I re state no one wins


I too worked as the NBC NCO in a unit in Europe in the mid 70’s. That’s where we learned about nerve gas/blood gas tactic. If you use nerve agent antidote on yourself when exposed to blood gas the antidote makes the effects of the gas even worse and vice versa. So the tactic was to lob nerve agent in and then follow it with blood gas, basically letting them kill themselves.


Yep !!