The Threat of Nuclear War

Head and shoulders harder than your groin. a flying piece of glass would have trouble penetrating your skull, a wound to the groin area lethal or more disabling.

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It is a good point. On a flip side, Russian subs do not have exact coordinates of my house or office programmed into their missiles.

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I remember the drill sgt explaining that head to the blast was to let your helmet protect your head. That was in Infantry AIT in 1986. Prior to that. It was “ass to the blast”.


I like to think we’re protecting the rest of our bodies with the thing we need the least - our brains.


Some reports describe The Cold War, between Russia and the U.S., was between 1945-1990 (circa).

Are we in another Cold War today? If so, when did it start?

In the fictional film series The Americans, (2013-2018), they depict how Russian spies could reside in the U.S., and if I remember correctly, the film mentioned that the U.S. had their own spies living in Russia as well. It made it seem that it (sophisticated espionage) could very well happen, and I wouldn’t be surprised due to national security needs by both country’s at a federal and classified level. Makes sense.

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Given that Russia is in active conflict with a country who’s troops we are supplying, training and providing battlefield intelligence to I think it is safe to say that we are at the very least in a Warm War that could go hot at any second.

I’m not sure the Cold War ever really ended. It just took a short break until the military industrial complex could get the ball profitably rolling again.


Highly recommend “The Day After.” Reagan actually provided resources for the filming, he actually did care and directed his presidency towards preventing nuclear war

Another film was even grittier and much scarier, “Threads.”

Both films do a good job of portraying a nuclear war.


Really? Had anyone seen nuclear war already? Let’s not confuse dramatization and reality. Consequences of nuclear exchange may look more like East Palestine, OH.

We are in a new Cold War, give or take a degree. The worst part: it seems we cornered the other guy, and he is dangerous now. Another bad part: quality of leadership on both sides is far below what it used to be during the days of old Cold War.

Actually we have had a nuclear war, remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Easy to forget though. We have much, much data on the effects. Also don’t forget the 2,121 nuclear tests. We had so many above ground tests the climate cooled worldwide.

Our “leaders” are acting stupidly. They are either too young to remember, or to stupid to recall and look back. They have no fear, they have taxpayer funded bunkers.

Yup, some will live hell on earth, others Palistine Ohio, others will lack power, water and goods.

Thanks, for pointing out my poor usage of English, I did edit my comment, before I did say both movies are “Both films do a good job of a realistic portrayal of nuclear war”


The idiots in charge believe they will be safe in some federal bunker that can sustain them of 10 or more years. If there are any survivors they need to make sure they an never get out of those bunkers. The people for the most part just want to be left alone and the leadership on either side just can’t live with that.


Only the shadows remained the last time we used nukes, nothing like Ohio.
Ohio will take years to evaporate, nuclear war will take a few seconds. You just hope you’re at ground zero!

We are not in this position because of Putin, we are in this position because of the weakest “leadership” ( oxymoron ) ever, on the planet.
He still doesn’t understand the philosophy of “peace through strength”, we’re living in “dead from stupidity”.

Not the Twilight Zone, not the Outer Limits, not even Mad Max!
More like Looney Tunes and Brandon IS the coyote.
In a world of Wile E Coyotes, be the Road Runner! Beep, Beep!

Have you seen him in Poland…

This is the look that gets us killed!

P.S. more respect for Wile E. At least he had the tenacity to keep trying in the face of danger. That’s courage, bravery and integrity!


I was born in 1950 - we have ALL lived our lives as nuclear hostages when Russia got the bomb in '49 - Akron - my hometown - was once #10 on the targets list, right after Pittsburgh. Stop beating a dead horse!


The survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki didn’t have any real help until the Navy stepped in.

Good read for those interested in the topic:

Yup, many were a shadow afterwards, but 10’s of thousands survived.


Trying to keep my sense of humor, I’ve started my journal a few years ago, I doubt it will be available “the day after”. If they do survive, in the words of the great Keanu Reeves, “Whoa!”

We may have been close to nuclear war when I served, but we had very smart people behind every button and on the other end of the phone line. What scares me today, there is less and less intelligence.
Three things will remain after nuclear war, cockroaches, AOC and Keith Richards!


AOC will lose her will to live when Twitter goes down after the first bomb.


Let’s see, Russia invades Ukraine, China backs Russia, North Korea is testing nuclear missiles.
China wants and is planning to invade Tiawan and then Russia threatens to use nukes too!
I am hearing about wars and rumor of wars.

I believe we are passed the cold war scenario and are upon the beginning of World War 3 as I see it and I am able to compare it to WW1’s beginnings also. The aggressive behavior of these countries and the way they are backing each other is a bad sign of things to come.

I can only hope that it never gets to that, but I feel as though I am a realist and the steps in the sand are speaking of bad things coming our way.


China is no ones friend. They are bent on world domination and will turn on anyone in their way.

There is a prophecy of 3 days of darkness and any who venture outside will die. Sounds a lot like nuclear fallout from numerous nuclear detonations.


Very strange to say the least. With many of the “predictions” made in movies for WWIII none came up with a russia china alliance, except for one, the 1973 movie “Omega Man.”


This book seems to be a very plausible predictor of what a conflict between the US and a Russia/China alliance might look like.