The Swarm defense tactic


I was reading a blog article as I ate lunch today and saw a story that I didn’t even know had taken place in Wisconsin. The blog is about The Swarm: The Best Last Resort.

There are a number of real-life examples in this article and I can see so many teachers and students resorting to the Swarm defense in schools because they don’t have another choice.

As I was reading it, I wondered how often a group defends itself this way and we never hear about it in the news?


You probably don’t hear alot about it because everyone preaches run hide then fight. Seems like the people who really study this think that fighting ends the situation faster. The attacker isnt expecting resistance so when you resist it throws him off ( OODA loop) and the potential victims can gain the upper hand pretty quickly.

Every scenario will be different there will never be an answer that will work everytime. Think quickly and act decisively


Great read Dawn, I’m going to post this on my Facebook page and see what comes back.

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