The Storms We all Face

I will not name or mention a single race, not a country you may be from, will not speak a word on the back ground you have, Never.

Everyone are in need here of support and encouragement in these hard times. Please use situational awareness, your training, help not hurt other people, and helping other people in these hard times, brings much peace to you, and help.

I have personally written and have been talking to, to and with other people. I really enjoy to meet everyone.

Please help each others, respect others, as you respect yourselves.

Please train hard and safety.

Thank you, everyone ! USCCA AND AMERICA.


I don’t know what it’s like in Northern Florida, but it ain’t over til the fat lady sings!
Be at peace, I do think we’ll get through all of this. We always do. We are Americans, one nation under GOD, indivisible.


Well said, @William_H. My wife and I are very fortunate. Both have good jobs that we are doing from home, almost no bills, and are empty nesters, so we have been hiring people in our neighborhood to help with some projects around the house. The projects don’t really need done, but what the heck. We used all of the CARE money and then some and are still trying to help out the neighbors. Especially one particular couple that both work in service industries and are still not back to work.


Sentence corrections, proof reading are needed on my side. Forgive me.

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Alex Trebek, says, no worries. Only counts in final jeopardy ?


Thanks William and all …be on guard, vigilant, stay safe…positive thinking as my dad always said!!!