The Secret Service

Here’s one for you researchers. I was surprised that it was begun as late as Lincoln’s time in office. I was equally surprised at how agents have been treated on the White House detail, a plum assignment. Hillary Clinton was so nasty to them that it sparked an unprecedented number of transfer requests from the detail, back to uniform service. Carter was considered miserable to deal with, too - Reagan, Bush, and Trump treated them with humor and dignity, and were the most likeable of our recent Presidents. Bill Clinton is somewhere in that mix, too. FYI


So far the best with it is President Jack Ryan Sr… he treats Secret Service agents like family members. :wink:

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Bush Sr. was the head of the CIA. Why would not he be nice?

I don’t know. I haven’t read any books about him…

LOL, Books? Thats not going to happen!


It has already happened…

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There are few more… it might be interesting reading… one day, when I retire…

I will have to read these! Thanks!!

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Never read anything about Trump treating the Secret Service well. Lots of stories about his family overcharging them for rooms at their hotels and forcing them to rent houses down the road because they weren’t allowed to dirty the bathrooms in the fancy Trump homes.

Before I get flamed for being a Trump basher I will point people to the story of Biden almost getting trounced by a Secret Service agent for groping the agents wife. No direct proof that happened but lots of circumstantial evidence.

Maybe someday we can start electing people with real intelligence, virtue and character to our highest office. It’s been awhile.


I heard and read stories about our current Fearless Leader insisting on skinny-dipping in the White House pool when he was the VP. Since some SS agents are female, I can just imagine their reactions to this chick-magnet wanna-bee - I remember how cool David Niven reacted when a streaker ran across the stage during the 1974 Oscars.