The road to hell often paved with good intentions

Rob183 - I pray that is not the case, but I am so afraid you may be right. I do not know what type of reaction it will be if in fact that does happen. Keep a low-profile man.


I was watching a guy say the democraps are stuck with Bite-me through to the convention. Bite-me is on too many ballots and can’t be removed. If democraps put another on the ballots said person won’t qualify to be on all 50 states. They are stuck with him until the convention and then the games will begin.


I clearly remember watching the election returns with my wife the night Biden “won”. As Trump’s numbers continued to easily outpace Biden’s, both displays suddenly froze. We looked at each other wondering what was happening. Suddenly, Biden’s numbers started shooting up at a blistering pace while Trump’s stayed frozen. After a pause, Trump’s numbers began to rise again but at a very slow pace while Biden’s continued to shoot up. We went to bed feeling as if we had just watched a grand magic trick.
With the democrat regime convinced that Trump is the devil, with more control of the government apparatus this time around and with more time to prepare, I expect the process will be much more subtle but the outcome will be the same no matter who the democrat candidate is. The game is rigged.


… a who’s who of WTF :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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… could be worse and involve gerbils and a roll of paper towels

Well said and sad that it was supposed to be a good idea, turns out it made things worse.