The New Age of Consent

What privileged talk! You wholesale dismiss a noble and ancient culture. On a more serious note, if social order in Minneapolis breaks down, excuse me, progresses to complete de-colonization, and it is between the Marx gang and Sharia - my money is on Sharia.

With the exception of council members themselves - they will be immune from any prosecution and surrounded by taxpayer-funded armed bodyguards

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You’re on the right track. I presented my theory a bit differently then how I imagined it. But you got the right idea of what may come.

To the double standard comment you made, The laws don’t apply to the elites. Or to those that make the laws.

When you say simple… do you mean able to take an obtuse hypothosis and convert it to simple terms using sarcasm to show the irony of the very premise with short concise analogy, or do you mean eating paste and running into walls?


The fact that your way off topic and talking random jarb that in fact doesn’t remotely resemble the conversation, you tell me. Your eye for an eye scenario in your previous above post is not in any form of what I’m approaching my theory. Keep up

Were you gesturbating when you typed that?

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Did I get it on you? I’m sorry

That was quick

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Still laughing…

Same here.

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Just so I dont kill your thread…

Transfering the blame to the victim will have the effect of victims eventually being more intrested in protecting themselves then in being social crusaders and protecting the asocially violent. Laws will change, again, the ‘blame’ will shift back to the perpetrators, communists will run for the hills, unicorns will fart rainbows, and then the second coming…
(Only the first part was serious)

We probably have different understanding of the term “elites”. If you go to the medieval times, it is obvious - elites live in a high castle, they have means, they have power (in a form of a loyal army). The peons have slim pickings and rely on elites for protection from marauders, foreign and domestic. The peons don’t have protection from elites themselves. Pretty clear situation. Some sci-fi movies, like Elysium or Snowpiercer play with that concept.

Back on the ground, the enlightened professors in the Academia don’t live in the castles. Minneapolis or Oregon city council members live in the same flimsy houses as peons, they don’t travel surrounded by knights in shining armour, they have to call Uber (you know which incident I am referring to?). They are not elites. Billionaires like Bill the Sweater and Jeff Amazon may surround themselves with bodyguards, but the tough guys have 0 loyalty to them. Why? Because being rich and being Aristocrat are 100% different things. If Seattle turns into one big CHOP, Bill the Sweater will be kicked out of his estate, and some warlord will move in. No bodyguard will stick his neck out for old Bill, they don’t need him to give them paycheck, they will just take what they want from him.

So, either it is social order, or laws of reality will apply to the dumb councilpersons very quickly. I refer again to the above Uber/911 incident in Portland.