The Nature of Civil Discourse

That is certainly my understanding of the arrangement. The thing given and the thing received ought be of equivalent value but might come from entirely different categories. I doubt that many in this group are willing to give much ground on the plain language of the Second Amendment, so that would not be a smart place for a successful horse trader to look — but there might be something else.

Perhaps one side would leave 2A alone if the other side would leave 1A alone. But probably it comes down to more retail-level details when it comes to realistic barter/negotiation/compromise/success.

Would this not contradict 5A, as self-incrimination?


Not sure I’m following along. Having property lost or stolen is not a crime, so I’m not sure how reporting it would be incriminating.

However, if you didn’t report, that would be a thing. I suppose they would have to pin that offense on you the old-fashioned way, and you would have no obligation to testify against yourself.

Or, if you were obliged to register, and didn’t — and then had it stolen, then I suppose you’d be in a pickle. Again, they would have to catch you the old-fashioned way, and start piling the charges on from wherever and whyevery they picked you up. If you beat the “fail to register” on 2A grounds, then they could grind you on the fail to report. If convicted on the “fail to register”, you could argue 5A to get off on the fail to report. Same if you were convicted on the armed robbery where the lost/stolen gun surfaced — if the gun somehow pointed to you.

Who knows why they do these things? For the Children. Gun Safety. Getting Serious on Nonsense.
Trying to annoy and embarrass gun owners until they do something stupid, I suppose.

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I am opposed to creating any new laws criminalizing new things, until we are able to enforce existing ones in a meaningful way. No two-tier justice system, no letting murderers and terrorists walk. Then we can discuss what additional measures are needed.


Compromise is not always good nor possible. Someone comes in to your house and threatens to kill your wife and two kids. You say No as you reach for your gun. They tell you to calm down and compromise, “How about if I just kill your youngest kid?”