The Most Grossly Ignored and Overlooked Law

SEDITION - Look up its definition. It’s just 1 step short of - and contributes to - outright TREASON. THIS is what all these constitutional attacks add up to, and one of the most blatant and glaring examples of it is the piss-pathetic, disgraceful, despicable policies, activities and behaviors regarding immigration now. We would have entire prisons housing seditionists if we could enforce just this law, alone. I’m sure that you can easily envision this, and how it applies to us in the shooting public!


I hope you are not implying that it applies more to the shooting public than the public. That is what it sounds like.

The OP is talking about immigration policies and the like. I don’t see the ‘shooting public’ is being implicated in the assertion?


This is what I am inquiring about.
I am hoping I am taking it out of context.
Thanks for your concern.

The Constitution is a living document that has, for all practical purposes, died, replaced by a state where the illusion of security trumps Constitutionally guaranteed rights.

Don’t believe me? Go to any airport and look at the thousands of people who willingly line up to be searched by government agents. They give up their 4th Amendment right to be free from warrantless searches because they believe that by consenting to such a search makes them safer.

I used to carry a small metal card with the Bill of Rights printed on it and the 4th Amendment printed in red through TSA checkpoints. It would always trigger the alarms in the metal detector and the TSA agent would have to take away my Bill of Rights.

Here’s the text of the 4th Amendment for those who’ve forgotten it. “Shall not be violated” indeed.

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”


Sometimes we have to have faith in the system united we stand divided we fall if the quarterback calls a play and we don’t agree with the play and we make our own play up the play may not work as planned.
Out for a walk don’t have time for punctuation. Hope it makes sense.

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This is why I drive unless it is absolutely necessary to fly. Unless FJB can get a bridge built to Hawaii or Europe to drive there which is why I don’t go to those places anymore. I am perfectly happy on my one acre in almost the middle of nowhere.


This is when I had plenty of faith in our system.
Sorry but today the system is phucked! Literally!
There’s no beating around the bush anymore!


I mean…yes and no.

I think an awful lot of people do it because there is no other practical choice.

I cannot just hop into my car and travel 1,000 miles in a few hours as is needed, on a practical level, to do things I benefit greatly from doing.

We in general vote for it and supposedly it’s our (The People’s) government and theoretically if most people didn’t want it, it would go away. But that doesn’t necessary mean the people at the airport agree with it, or like it, or actually think it all makes them safer.

But, out of curiosity, does anybody have any statistics for violent crime rates in the secure access areas of airports? I will wager it is staggeringly low…and then with air travel being so much safer than driving…traveling by commercial airline across the country is definitely safer than flying.

If I remember correctly back in the late sixties and early seventies there was only a cop for security. To just to keep everyone in line.
Me, I don’t fly anymore!


There were also quite a few hijackings in those days

I don’t believe the US has had any hijackings since 9/11

Before that there was an incident in 1994 with a cargo plane.

Hence the unintended consequences of increased security gave us terrorists, that instead of hijacking planes, got smart and started studying to fly them into buildings! That gave us the TSA.

Now that we have great security at the airport, and no hijackings, we have the luxury of an open border. Weeellll, maybe we just hit upon a solution. Send the TSA to the border! Too easy!

I’ll take the rarity of hijacking’s over 2 million illegals, cartels and terrorists on the ground! Infiltrating the homeland!
I can “avoid” the hijacking’s by not flying, I can’t escape the invasion on the ground! Just sayin’.


I don’t see the relationship here.

It’s not like immigrants over the border are caused by TSA at airports or a lack of hijackings.

What am I missing that connects these two things together?

My main point I guess…flying is safer than driving.

Air travel is, unfortunately, a necessity for many activities, but it is an unpleasant means of transport. Seats do not fit adult males, flights are usually crammed beyond full, everything is very expensive at the airport, and then there are the delays and cancellations. Flying buses. Terrorists may no longer target airlines because they, too, don’t want to go to the airport.

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Security of the nation’s citizens!

The OP is talking about immigration policies and the like.

If the TSA was at the border we’d be safer!

Eh, safer, maybe but…

The only real deterrent for our southern border is a military presence

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Maybe that exactly the problem.

Avoid what is strong and attack at what is weak Sun-Tzu

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After I posted this, I expected some out-of-context responses. ANY attack on our Constitution should be regarded as sedition in one form or the other, and the shooting public has to remain aware and vigilant - no OTHER amendment or article in our Bill Of Rights has suffered so much - and attacks on the 1A have caught up, with government interference in the online social media. We’ve been categorized as wolves in sheep’s clothing, and unstable, mentally-ill “closet- killers” in some instances. THERE ARE NO NEW IDEAS - only NEW TECHNOLOGY - HUMAN conditions remain the SAME - and humanity in general resembles a truly failed experiment on this planet. The right to own WEAPONS is the right to remain FREE - until a group of gold-plated assholes gathers enough power to legally or forcibly take it AWAY.


There’s nothing new under the sun, here - years ago, a video camera revealed baggage handlers in Atlanta stealing from luggage right on the tarmac. In other instances and other places, hunters going on remote trips were having their cased rifles deliberately SLAMMED onto the concrete to damage them as much as possible before they were loaded, and the same treatment was given to other secured luggage that couldn’t be broken into.


I spent my years at O’Hare then at Gen Mitchell. I’ve seen it all.

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