The Most Avoided Government Obscenity

The short answer here is AUDIT - this goes hand-in-hand with, “What have you done for us, lately?”. As far as I know, no successful audit has ever been performed on the Federal Reserve, the Pentagon, Fort Knox, and now our national oil reserves. One reason proposed behind the Kennedy assassinations was that both would have pushed for such annual audits, and the REAL powers in the U. S. just wouldn’t tolerate such accountability - the career crimes and scandals exposed - at ALL levels of government - would’ve brought the country to its knees. Apparently, just uttering the word is BOUND to get you or your political career killed in short order, as this society continues to descend into entropy.


Like they say, “follow the money”


I wish they would start saying follow the love. Yeah I think that sounds much better.


Isn’t that what they did at Woodstock!


We need a Woodstock II.


Totally agree, but there’s no one worthy! From Americas Got Talent? that’s American mediocrity!
There are no Jim’s Hendrix’, Richie Havens, Joan Baez, Santana, Janis, The Who, Jefferson Airplane,Sly, Johnny Winter, CSNY!
A Woodstock II would be like trying to replicate Andy Warhols Campbell soup, except the new version has one L, just not the same.
But you’re right! We need a peaceful movement!

If we think about it, those where tumultuous times as well, government shooting people on college campuses, good soldiers coming back home to disrespect…but everyone still believed in the idea of AMERICA, or the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, we had one goal, eliminate communism, now the communist sit in congress and the senate, music won’t fix that!


Had one a while back. It was an epic failure.


Fort KNOX use to have and allow vistors to see the gold that was the backup for the dollar,but I heard that stopped when the GOLD STANDARD was abolished for the I think th ECONOMICAL Standard,and there are rumors that all the gold was shipped out of fort KNOX to who knows where