The lies they tell

Here in Michigan a new Bill has been proposed, HB 4434, which would help CPL holders a little. Currently Michigan law treats someone with an expired CPL the same as any thug or gangbanger hides his pistol in hos waistband. That is to say, it’s a felony punishable up to 5 years in prison. HB 4434 aims to give us a grace period by making it a civil infraction of $330 which is waived if you renew your CPL within 30 days.

Normally a reminder is sent out 3-6 months in advance when it’s time to renew, with no real way of updating your address if you move. Additionally administrative errors are turning up left and right, CPLs are expiring in the LEIN system sometimes months before the date printed on the CPL.

Here is what Every Town for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action are saying about this Bill.

Does it say anything anywhere about how this ONLY applies to people ELIGIBLE to renew? Nope. These tactics should be criminal in all honesty. Deliberately misleading people to think their safety is being compromised in order to block a Bill that aims to make things easier on someone who may be going through a rough patch in their life is so wrong on many levels.

One of the people mentioned by the sponsors of the bill ended up being sentenced to 2 years prison time, $3500 in fines and is a felon for life now. His crime? His wife had been hospitalized for 6 months, they had 3 kids, he was working 2 jobs, still managed to coach soft ball and be a part of his church’s security team.
ETFGS and MDA think this is fair treatment for failing to swing by the County Clerks office and pay his renewal fee.
I don’t wish harm on anybody, but I most assuredly wish explosive diarrhea and sneezing fits on every one of these deceitful people.


I hate people who deliberately distort the facts to manipulate folks’ emotions :rage:

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This Bill passed the House today. It moves on to the Senate which is also Republican dominated. So it’s a good bet that it will land on the Governors desk. A lot of us are fairly certain she will veto however, she’s notoriously anti-2A.

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That seems odd to me, I thought every state required CCW licernse holders to inform the state within 30-90 days of changing their address?

An expired carry license should carry no more penalty than an expired DL and should have the same kind of grace period etc.

I’m sorry but this whole thing is a bald faced lie.

They can only get away with these kinds of lies because we allow them to and because the press will as a general rule never call them out for outright lies and distortions.

I may have missed it but I don’t see anywhere in this “letter” or whatever it is that even mentions this bill only addresses the penalties for people who’s license has expired.

I’m not sure if there actually is a requirement to inform of a move, however even if you do there isn’t an updated license issued and the biggest problem with Michigan CPLs is that each county handles things differently.

The letter is a bold faced lie. It’s nothing but fear mongering. I will see if i can grab a link to HB 4434 to show actual wordage of it.

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Here in Texas there is and they are really good about quickly issuing the new license on the next printing. The problem is they on print once or at most twice a month for some reason.

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I was looking at the knife laws. Texas believe it or not had some of the most restrictive and ridiculous knife laws in the country for most of a hundred years before some sanity was recently regained and they were repealed.

Believe it or not for a very long time it was technically illegal to carry a Bowie Knife in Texas… . The literal home of “The Bowie Knife”, named for one of our key founders, Jim Bowie.

How nuts is that?

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In Michigan we can now carry pretty much any knife we want, provided it only has one edge…

You guys just got Open Carry legalized too didn’t you?

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OC went into effect in 2016. Our knife laws got liberalized a lot in 2012 and 2014 and finally got “Texified” pretty thoroughly during the last session.

Guess what? That’s right, none of the predictions of a shootout on every mainstreet in the state every night, or knife fights every day happened either.

Cop’s have not started randomly shooting law biding citizens out of fear for carrying handguns or knives openly either.

As Paul Harvey used to say, “An Armed Society is a Polite Society”.

I miss him, he was a calming, non partisan voice that the nation could gather around for more than four decades.

We need another “Uncle Paul” figure badly.

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I guess 2016 doesn’t feel that long ago.

The older we get the faster time flies.

3 years when you’re 12 is forever. 3 years when you hit sixty is a blink of the eye.

My theory is that the closer you get to the end of your life the more precious every second is and they pass exponentially faster with every year at least as far as our perceptions go.

When I was a kid in school. Summer Vacations seemed to last longer than a year does to me today.

It’s all about perception.