The Learning Never Ends


That “sorry” stuff comes from modern television. Dirty Harry never apologized, ever! Never, ever felt bad about taking out the bad guy!
I will never be sorry for doing the right thing at the right time! I will never be sorry for staying alive in the face of danger!
Furthermore, we have the right “TO REMAIN SILENT”! Take advantage of that. Lips are sealed.
That’s the bad guy, he forcefully broke in, he tried to kill me and my family, there’s his weapon, my wife, there, in fear for her life and mine, cowering in the corner, is my witness. FYI, my wife will never be cowering in a corner, she’ll be on the phone w/911 and covering my six!

Appreciate your concern “officer” but now we would like to speak with counsel and be checked out by medical. Did I mention we wish to speak with my lawyer, repeat as necessary!

Thinking to myself…
Am I more innocent if I’m found dead at the scene?


Never apologize, mister, it’s a sign of weakness.” ― John Wayne

NCIS Rule 6 , “never say you’re sorry. It’s a sign of weakness.” Gibbs rules


I’d be sorry if I shot a bag guy.

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I’d feel bad if I was FORCED to take a life! Bad guy made his choice, and forced my hand! To all bad guys, don’t force good people to do bad things!

Thank you for sharing. I watch a lot of their videos but must have missed this one.

Are bagmen innocent?

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