The Last Boy Scout

I never liked that my dad made me join the boy scouts (BSA). I was more interested in hiding out back with my friends and smoking cigarettes or sitting in the back of theaters throwing Ju Jubs at people. All I ever learned was how to use flint and steel. How to bivouac. How to sharpen an axe and how to shoot a rifle. Damn they were some great lessons.

I don’t do social media but when Tucker Carlson moved to Twitter I opened an account. I’m happy I did. To me, his stuff is phenomenal. Well produced, and well written. He’s averaging over 10 million views an episode (his first episode garnered over 100 million). These last two with Ice Cube is telling for the black community. There’s a YouTuber out there who’s selling shirts that say, “Black Conservative. A Liberal’s worst nightmare.” It’ll take an Ice Cube or someone like him to unite this country. Maybe there is hope after all.


“I’m ’bout to dust some cops off/cop killer, better you than me/cop killer, f**k police brutality”
— Ice-T

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Entertainers & celebrities people who make a living by reading a teleprompter (news anchors and commentators), pretending to be someone else (actors), playing a game (athletes), singing a song (singers), or wearing clothes and showning flesh (models). The things they do to make money are often confused with political leadership or “standing up for the masses.”

Ice Cube and Tucker Carlson, each worth tens of millions of dollars that they made as entertainers and celebrities saying what their fans pay to hear/see, should not be confused with the Ghandis, Lincolns, or Jeffersons of the world.


I don’t follow Tucker or Ice Cube much. But in this day and age of partisanship and group think, with no Ghandis, Lincolns or Jeffersons in sight, it is good to have as many voices as possible saying things that don’t always fit in a nice neat box. The more dissenting voices we have reaching as broad an audience as possible the more chance there is that someone somewhere might start to think critically for themselves.

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I don’t know of anyone who is comparable to Ghandi in this entire world. RFK Jr. to me is the closest - and yes I know he’s monied.

Tucker and Ice Cube IMHO are NOT standing up for the masses. They are clarifying the realities of the world we currently live in. It’s up to YOU to stand up and be counted.


100%… your statement gives me hope.


The sad reality of the world in which we live is that the majority of the eligible electorate no longer vote at all. That, in my opinion, is how we end up with elderly bozos in positions of power for life.