What? Just because we can tell them to enforce the law doesn’t mean they can enforce the law. Everyone complaining about illegal aliens doesn’t solve the problem. Squeaky wheels get grease. When there is no grease what do we do? If one wants something done right, one has to do it himself. I try to pray harder and harder everyday what more can I do?

I had to drop paperwork off at the doctors office and I had my EDC on my hip. I was surprised when I looked at the door for the no weapons sign but it wasn’t there. I love being in a free state.


Well when you have a president and a party that wants to turn this country into a murdering Islamic war zone plus take our means of protecting ourselves it tells me we need to take matters into our own hands. When a party would rather see an innocent person die than offend someone and tell them “ hey you can’t do that here” WTF do you do?


We fight for our 2A, train, stay armed, situational awareness, keep our flag :us: flying high and protect it, and protect our Constitution. Any other flag replacing it, take it down. This is AMERICAN SOIL regardless of who comes here to be a US citizen, born here or otherwise. CHIP IN OR SHIP OUT!


America has lost the baby race, conservative christian Americans are the minority.


Hello and welcome @Richard918


@Richard918 Welcome to the community!

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Unfortunately we, the citizens of the United States, no longer “run” the country. The Federal Bureaucracy (read that as the radical leftist agenda) is now running the country. Their greed for power and wealth is immeasurable and they will do anything and everything they can to achieve their will.


That’s why I say there is a civil war coming. Might not be next year nor the next 5, decade or 25 years. But one is coming and you better teach your kids and grandkids how to fight and survive by growing their own food and storing it.

I never thought I would hear myself saying that.


Let’s get through another decade to 25 years please!:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

I’m still a few months from being financially independent from my ex wife and need time to buy land and build my off grid homestead!:dotted_line_face::dotted_line_face::dotted_line_face:


Ding, ding ,:bell:

That in a nutshell is the problem. The immigrants won’t have to lift a finger in violence (if they don’t want to). All of the developed Western Societies are on the verge of being lost, just by being out bred. We (Western Societies) are all on the cusp of being lost. We are not having enough children to stay at replacement levels. It’s predicted that China will be irrelevant by 2040 or so because they had to big a gap in their population , due to their one child policy.


That’s cute. how are you doing that yourself?

I find it amazing when people like you make these statements. RISE UP AGAINST , It reminds me of the old saying, “those who do, do…and those who don’t, talk about it.”

You’re cute…and I picture you being one of those people who almost needs help getting up from a couch. Adorable.

ROFL!!! How cute…apparently, if people aren’t conservative christians, our country is lost.

So…for the more naive members of society…Liberals used to be hugely patriotic and staunch supporters of America. It wasn’t until these younger progressives went out of their way to be more progressive than one another that we started to see people on the left start to switch. Tulsi G was a huge Liberal and strongly supported the USA and switched from the DNC only after she felt the left didn’t represent her views anymore.

Bottom line, if you want to be divisive, make stupid statements like “conservative christian americans are the minority”. If you want to help save this country, realize that people on the other side aren’t your enemies and may have more in common than you think. Instead, open up a dialog and see where you have common ground. You’ll find that you’ll likely have the same hope but are chasing different paths to reach that goal.

He’s not quite there yet, but he has lost most of both legs fighting for our country, but still gets around well enough.


PLEASE! your statement IMHO is right on the edge of, if not, actually insult and disparagement?

pushed it did we???

so perhaps you will share with us… what country or perhaps state are you in?

lot of shills for the other side here now…

always doing their best to disparage and stir the waters… and make thing muddy and unclear…

not saying you are such… just asking…

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Interesting… If I read your statement correctly…

if you consider a statement stupid you will refuse to fight along side the stupid person that said it?

as in divisive? as in you will not help others unless they agree with you and instead stand alone???

have I got that right?

I find it ODD that so many go all anti-christian and scream theocracy… or… national?

now I kinda chuckle here cause national??? with the different type of Christian church’s usually NOT getting along real well… although they never fought wars over it like in Europe… and in part why so many came here from there… to avoid wars and forced religions…

the very foundation of our Constitution and Bill of Rights is Biblical based…

and yet this nation was not been a theocracy but a representative republic all that time???

did someone try to force you to join a religion?

is that a now or has it ever been a requirement to vote?

gotta show you religion for a drivers license?

I could go on but think most will understand where this is going…

and the Declaration of Independence contains references to religion as well…

statement like that have been made for over 200 years… and even so… many stood and fought…

they did not divide in the face of tyrants… they were always FREE to chose religion or not…

yet so very many stood and fought and many died on the battlefield…

STRANGELY it SEEMS they thought their freedom and rights were WAY MORE IMPORTANT???


hmmm… it is possible that this statement has marked you for attacks of disparagement and ridicule???

and will get you called cute… and refer to you needing help to get off the couch???

who knows… perhaps???

to me your statement is reasonably accurate regarding the issues you addressed…

keep on keepin on… :wolf:


“I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.”

Edward Everett Hale


We all need to step up and work together doing that which we can do.


I have the utmost respect for people who serve…so suggesting that this person is in fact someone who served in some capacity means something to me. I often give a pass for people who have served while I dish out a whole lot of reality to those who haven’t. I don’t care if I am vehemently opposed to someone who served…they earn the right to call me out and say whatever they want. those who haven’t served…your opinion is truly laughable. You don’t have a firm grasp on reality and your ideology is handed to you by other weak minded fools who have done nothing to earn their opinion. basically…your belief is laughable.

Edit: and just so everyone is on the same page…yes…anyone who hasn’t served in the military…I am calling you out and saying your opinion is laughable. There are a lot of people in this world and in this country who have fought and earned a right to be opinionated no matter whether I agree with them or not. I’m always willing to listen to anyone, but I tend to disregard those people who have never served a day in their life and don’t know what it means to put their life in another persons hands. Therefore, to all you opinionated trash who have not served, you’re cute and adorable. To the rest…Even if I vehemently disagree with you, I will support you to my dying breath. I got your six.

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