The Intersection of Hunting and Self-Defense | USCCA

There are clear divisions in the gun industry, but perhaps none is more pronounced than the line between hunters and, well, everyone else. Truth is, the mindset that hunting is an entirely separate firearms-related pastime is one that should have come to an end long ago. Here are some hard truths about the worlds of hunting and self-defense, how they intersect and why you need both in your gun life.

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Thank you for the interesting article.
The wildlife which hunters hunt live in the wild, and that is unknown territory—unknown as to who you may find out there (or who might find you!)
Of course during hunting season when everyone is armed we would expect a great deal of courtesy among hunters, but sometimes that isn’t the case. Even more scary is before hunting season, when the wilderness is populated by unarmed campers and backpackers with just enough dope growers and sadistic miscreants about to occasionally terrorize the unfortunate who cross their paths,
Be careful out there!