The Hypocrisy of Gun Control Advocates

The husband to the mayor Rochester, NY, who is a member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, was recently arrested on drug and weapons charges, as stated in a local Rochester newspaper story. “More than two kilos of powder and crack cocaine were recovered, as were three firearms and a semi-automatic rifle and more than $100,000 cash, Doorley said.” Of course she knew nothing about his criminal actions. The mayor recently, prior the husband’s arrest, came out against the “availability of illegal guns”, according to a story on Spectrum News 1, she stated, created a murder rate that has “double the number of homicides compared to the same time last year.”


I wonder if she would volunteer for a drug screening?


Someone needs to wake up and ask why she didn’t know there were illegal weapons in her house.

Were those weapons properly secured? Though they didn’t say, I have my doubts. So she needs to wake up and ask why she would agree to co-parent a child with someone who puts their child at such risk.

Not being aware of her husband’s activities, some going on in her own house, is she in any position to lecture us on gun control? The Mayor needs to put her own house in order before telling everyone else how to put theirs in order.