The Great Caliber Debate

Have shot all of the “poll eligible” calibers mentioned. EDC is 9 mm with Federal HST. Handles great and its what our local LE uses so its “jury tested” in advance. Home defense is 556 or 12ga 00, which are not part of the poll. I don’t feel ANY handgun is a one shot stopper, at least with any degree of regularity. Therefore quick target “recapture” after each shot makes the 9 mm a great choice for me. My Glock 19 barely moves and it makes a 1 second three shot scenario quite doable from my AIWB setup. My Glock 43 was nice but when using one hand such as in CQB, the smaller purchase made it sketchy for me. I love the grip of the larger gun more!


Its not always the size of the hole. By far the 556 is much more ferocious than any round in the poll. The virtual Mach 3 velocity from a small diameter hole creates “shockwave cavitation” as the human body is unable to deal with that round. ER doctors hate to attempt repairing damage from these rounds. Its literally 3-5 inches of “mush” left from the physics involved. I was a certified Medic instructor for years. An AR15, with its small diameter round is immensely damaging.


Might be late to this party,
45 is the best I can manage and keep on target
When you live in a state that limits to 10 rnds
Your options are limited


Large try out with my ammo. I love the.40 caliber and the 9mm (.355) and a hard practice with that .40
for a few months then try with your 9mm. You get stronger every day and there is not much of a recoil problem. Practice with a gun and ammo that fits your hands and your hard working needs.

Some ammo out there are the types that work very well and have been around for a long time.