The gift of first aid classes

My kids are getting older (all late teens early twenties) and instead of giving them things for Christmas, I’m going to be giving them experiences. One experience I was considering was first aid classes (I’m such an exciting mom). And, the classes are something we can do together. I took my motorcycle course with one of my sons and we will have lifelong memories from that class.

Don’t get me wrong, this wouldn’t be the only thing I’d give them, but it would probably be one of the most beneficial gifts as they will always be able to use it as injury/accidents happen everywhere - working on the car, a toddler falls and hits a sharp object, chopping vegetables and the knife slips.

First aid classes would also cross the political boundaries as everyone wants to help protect their families from hurts if they can.

Would you give first aid classes as a gift?


Yes, I would. And I’ve taken several First aid Classes. And I’m also certified for acute management of gun shot wounds and CPR/AED.


I think it is a great idea! I have been seriously thinking about taking such a class myself. Was thinking, if we had an accident at a couple of ranges I shoot at, it could easily be a while before 911 showed up.

And certainly not a bad life skill for anyone to have.


Yes, I think it is a great gift idea.

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I agree it is a great idea. My son would love it. My daughter would look me in the eye and ask if I knew the number for 911. She gets the best from her mom and the worst from me.


I think any type of experience you can gift to your child is a good one. It gives you something to bond over and is something specific and special to each child.

I think it’s a great idea and one I did with my daughter. It put us in a position where we were equals learning something new together and not me as parent and her as child it was both of us as students. Even if I already knew the subject we were taking.


That’s another great point. As children get older, it’s good to show them that we “old folks” can still learn as equals to them. :wink:


That’s a realization that isn’t all that common for our youngsters. The sooner it’s introduced the easier it is for their maturity to start evolving. As I say, it’s a significant realization in the process of becoming fully human. Nicely done @Zavier_D @Dawn For @MikeBKY Mike, your daughter might start there, but realize so much more afterward? And if you could do it with both of them at the same time?

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If they are still riding their motorcycles then take the Accident Scene Management Class with them

I am lucky. For our motorcycle club (GWRRA) we can take a CPR/First Aid/AED class for $25