The First 48

For those of you who’d rather watch some cutesy-fartsy sitcom, try a couple of episodes of this. It brings home how despicably the criminal mindset can sink - especially if their victims show any sign of what criminals consider “weakness” - and how detectives expose their cowardice and genuine lack of remorse. And this government wants to import MORE poverty and crime?


The First 48 is one of my favorite programs. It shows real homicide cases and how relentless these detectives are to bring closure and solve these cases. This show is not for the weak.

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Nancy watch’s about 6 of those. It’s called “Murder Porn”. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I was always after her to keep our knife drawer covered. After watching numerous episodes where the perp took a knife out of the butcher block to use on the homeowner she admitted I was right. :sunglasses: