The FEDS are intentionally ignoring our laws... why shouldn't we?

Time to fight fire with fire?


According to the cited article …

Morgan wrote in an update, “after calling the agencies and all parties involved, it appears the form was given by the STATE gov (SC Medicaid Office). The refugee confused the offices. We are set to pass a bill prohibiting non-citizens from voting in SC elections! Stop this nonsense in your state!”

Morgan is a state representative. The South Carolina Medicaid Office is a state agency, staffed by state employees and drawing its funding and rules from the state legislature, of which Morgan is a member.

Morgan needs to do her friggin’ job as a representative and not complain to the press about what a state agency – that reports to the South Carolina legislature – does. Sounds like it’s time for a new representative, or Morgan just engaging in politics “Vote for me! I’ll make the SC Medicaid Office stop handing out voter registration cards to migrants who can’t vote.”.


We knew this was coming. Sun Tzu will be proud!
We know our votes won’t count!
But if you have a plan, all I need is a time and place!


This is what they do in Oregon, every illegal alien that comes into Oregon DMV or signs up for Medicaid gets electronically registered to voe.


why shouldn’t we?

Because they will shoot you dead. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Get back to me when Ray Epps is held accountable for his actions.