The Elite Hate You and Me But We Can Still Fight Back - The Truth About Guns

Sometimes the article tells the entire story and the old adage ‘A picture is wort a thousand words!’
(These are the people (possibly humans) who want you to eat bugs, have a bicycle for transpo, no guns, Steel grey uniforms (possibly w/ yellow stars and such identifiers), etc, etc, etc… Paradise

Nuff said.
adonde nosotros vamos uno nosotros ir todo!!!
Nessun passo sul serpente


Good article, and thanks for posting that.

The little piece about them still having their gas stoves made me think of something from yesterday. In my basic high school physics class I learned that every time you convert one form of energy to another, you lose some in the process- i.e., it gets dissipated as heat from friction in generators, that kind of thing. Converting the chemical energy in gas to heat energy in turbines to electrical energy in generators, and then losing more electricity transmitting that electricity over long distances seems idiotic. But, the powers-that-be say we must all be electric. Is that so it can be easily turned off at will when we don’t comply?

Anyway, yesterday, someone out on the main road wiped out a major utility pole, leaving us without power for quite a few hours. I hadn’t bothered to go start the generator. My wife poured herself a cup of coffee from the pot I had made several hours earlier, and it was cold. I said to her, give me your mug. I poured it into a sauce pan, took it out to the back porch, lit my big propane burner out there, and in about 15 seconds her coffee was piping hot. I brought it back in and she looked at me like “what’s wrong, why are you back already?” When I handed her mug back she said “wow, that was about twice as fast as it would have taken in the microwave!”

Yep, no wasted energy going through five conversions to microwave your coffee. Isn’t that better for the planet???


Just gives me faces to imagine on my targets when I practice…lol.