The Deadly Hoax Of Campus Safety ~ Carpe Diem If You Want to Live

This article may be about College Students Leftist agenda of You are safe the Colleges have your back!
(when reality is a bitter pill to swallow when their kid gets sent home in a box—TOO HARSH you say?)
Just read the News and the numbers of ‘Injuries’ of kids @ School’s of Lower Learning nowadays and the numbers paint an entirely different picture.
From the Article:### In reality, the only thing woke college administrators are “watching out for” is their own cushy jobs! Students are expendable. TRUTH!
We KNOW this already though yet Parents (and the kids themselves) still go to these expensive, unprotected ‘Gladiator Schools’ often States away to be subjected to extreme violence.
But the point I wish to make is WHAT they are teaching the Young people (Who we expect to take the ‘Mantle of Responsibility’ when we hand them the Reigns to this Country)

Summary of leftist dogma in which young college students are required to have unquestioning faith:

  1. “Nice people” don’t own guns. Guns are “ishey!” Having (or Heaven-forbid, carrying) any species of gun is unthinkable.
  • Freedom and liberty are outmoded concepts. We’ll make all your personal security decisions for you. Your input is neither solicited nor entertained.
  1. We have conveniently declared our campus “safe.” We say so. Reality is irrelevant! We have “campus police,” CCTV cameras, and “blue” phones. Murders/rapes of innocent, defenseless-by-policy students are “rare” (but not so “rare” for actual victims of murder, rape)
  2. Cell phones always work, so emergency help is ever “just a phone call away.”
  3. Nothing to worry about! We’re watching out for you, so you don’t even need to think about taking logical steps to protect yourself…, ad nauseam

So much self-serving BS!
This is why the old saying: “Freedom and Rights are one Generation away from Extinction”

God help us all.


I hope you are misunderestimating our youth. I hope they can see the administration’s true colors… :notes::musical_note::microphone::guitar::drum:. Your true colors come shining through.

“The Mantle”, we’re lucky they can spell it! My greatest concern is when my hands stop working, my eye sight begins to fail and my memory slips and I notice that my special care nurse is a Union member of MS13!
Not sure which will be worse the slave that got manipulated into thinking there are 27 genders or the outright killer!

Last night, the first time in 30 years I ordered fast food. Got dressed, put on my hat and sunglasses strapped on my biggest gun. First time in my life I felt nervous! Went to the establishment, nothing but kids in what looked like controlled chaos. In their pretty uniforms. Crowded, noisy, little mindless fools running around frantically but getting the job done. In addition to the empty headed offspring running around filling up their big gulps, unaware of how the automatic ice machine works.

I realized in that moment one wrong gender identification, or may I have an extra ketchup with that and the whole thing would have collapsed! Including the good sheep waiting at the trough! I felt like I was the only person alive. They were all dead people eating! Not a dream!
It was all around me. I’ll keep to my own kitchen from now on!
Everything I’m seeing nowadays, the “people” are numb, physically, mentally and emotionally!
From what I witnessed, we’re phucked, in the purest sense!

I realized as well, it can’t be fixed! The zombies “aren’t” coming for us, we are the zombies, present company excluded!


This is why Brother Scott I DO NOT go inside! EVER! anymore.
There is SAFETY in my Vehicle (as long as there is no azzhat waiting for their order
in front of me for a Family of (10)
If I don’t order ‘special’ Hold da Pickle, Hold the lettuce…remember that jingle? I will be OK.
If I get Fries instead of Onion Rings oh well, I’ll deal.
I went into ‘LOWE’S’ yesterday and the ‘Security’ Guard was on her phone…It took everything I had not to walk up to her and shout BOO! She’s DEAD GUARD WALKING and she doesn’t even know it.
The simple fact of your post is that you are CORRECT. For me, the less contact w/ the outside World these days the happier I am. (and safer)
I AM not a grumpy old man (close) I got out of Security a couple of months ago and my life expectancy sky rocketed (as well as my attitude and demeanor)
I feel very sorry for this World with whom we may be leaving the fate of Civilization to.
The Pot ‘Dispensaries’ out here are Packed daily, The accidents on the roads are plentiful
due to ‘distracted, High, and stupid’ motorists. It’s a new world out there today—just not very Brave…

I think I just depressed myself…I need Waffle’s. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
I need to ask … which place did you go to?—it’s bugging me. :laughing:


My bad! The only reason I ventured inside, was I didn’t want to deal with a wrong order. These days you order fried chicken combo #657, nine times out of ten you go home with tofu crickets and a diet soda!
Wasn’t ready for the fight!


Are said numbers provided by this article, or a link/resource referenced that has these numbers?

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No waffles, plenty of fish!

In that Article Nathan, NO SIR.
But a quick search netted this:

The Clery Act requires postsecondary degree-granting institutions to report data for several types of crimes,1, 2 including the following seven against persons and property on their campuses: murder, sex offenses (forcible and nonforcible), robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, motor vehicle theft, and arson.3 In calendar year 2020—when many postsecondary institutions shifted instruction from in-person classes to online-only or hybrid education during the coronavirus pandemic—a total of 21,200 criminal incidents of these types were reported.4 This translates to 15.0 on-campus crimes reported per 10,000 full-time-equivalent (FTE) students enrolled.5 Among the various types of on-campus crimes reported in 2020, there were

  • 9,400 forcible sex offenses6 (44 percent of reported on-campus crimes);
  • 6,800 burglaries7 (32 percent of reported on-campus crimes);
  • 2,500 motor vehicle thefts8 (12 percent of reported on-campus crimes);
  • 1,500 aggravated assaults9 (7 percent of reported on-campus crimes);
  • 500 robberies10 (2 percent of reported on-campus crimes); and
  • 400 arson11 incidents (2 percent of reported on-campus crimes).

These estimates translate to 6.6 forcible sex offenses, 4.8 burglaries, 1.8 motor vehicle thefts, 1.1 aggravated assaults, 0.3 robberies, and 0.3 arson incidents per 10,000 FTE students.
Nasty Busines that! Lower EDU. can be a dangerous Course to take!


What a phucking waste! The gangs are really going to have a lot of fun, when they move into the neighborhoods!!!