The Breakfast Club with Beth Alcazar

ya’ know Beth, I am one of those people who for my entire life used that proverbial adage of a ‘melting pot’ and all was good with that until your July 2020 article redefining it better as an ‘ice cream sundae’.

Although your reason for the change is absolutely spot on and will now force me to redefine for myself using the old proverbial ‘melting pot’ saying to better align with yours, I do believe you would have been better stopping at the (‘mixed) salad’ description. But hey, that’s just me. lol

I excuse you for pushing that envelope to the ice cream analogy because, well, that’s the girlie thing to do…lol… so I forgive you.

Good article as always and even better redefinition and fine-tuning of the melting pot adage.

It causes more work on my end now to adjust to that after a life-long use of melting pot, but what the hey… that’s life…

Thanks once again Beth.