The Aftermath: New Year's Resolution: Check Your Emotions

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Two cyclists were riding their bicycles in Detroit when a driver shouted at them. The male cyclist shouted back. The driver then stopped, retrieved a knife and approached the couple. The girlfriend of the vocal cyclist drew her lawfully carried handgun and fired one shot, killing the attacker.

What are your training goals for 2023? Will you be working on self-defense skills, de-escalation strategies or something else?


One less criminal in Detroit!


The male cyclist’s retort was a form of monkey dance which may have catalyzed the driver’s actions. Now the cyclist’s girlfriend, if she indeed still is, has to live with the consequences of an arguably unnecessary use of force. No winners here…and so it goes.


Not many details there, such as knowing what was said by both parties. Did he shout back “What?” because he couldn’t hear? I’m afraid I would be inferring that which was not stated if I say anything about the interaction.

My training goals for 2023 are to attend the high level two day class I signed up for in a couple months time, continue to go the the range to work training and practice on my own, and continue to attend local club level matches with all of pistol, rifle, and shotgun. As as keeping abreast of changing laws and expectation and continually staying away of material put out by the USCCA and others.


The linked story, below, has a few more details. I did some digging and this was the best I could currently find.


I would like to take some advanced 2 day training as well. Learned a long time ago New Years resolutions don’t work in general. My biggest problem is finding training close enough and affordable enough to take. I know you get what you pay for but $1.5 to $2k is out of my price range. I would gladly pay $500 range for a weekend class that I could drive to and back home each day. Don’t need a chef or a lodge with a room for two. Higher if its a private room.


You don’t need $2k range to get good quality two day training


My higher end class for the year 2023 is from them (haven’t used them before but know people that have, and that have used other higher end that I have also used, and I have no qualms recommending kinetic consulting despite not having gone to their stuff just yet personally)

I’m from Detroit. So, I will only say, while tragic, I think I may have responded the same way. When that guy got out of his vehicle with his knife, it was go time. Every Detroiter knows you don’t perpetrate, and then say, psych! No, he met the surprise of his very life, and it claimed him.


Nice site but didn’t see any classes in KY. That’s the problem with living in a more rural state. I understand lower population means fewer services but having a “road show” professional like this come thru would be nice. I could show up with a cooler loader with goodies for the day and travel home of the evenings.

For higher level class, you might have to travel a little. There are classes in GA, TN, IL, NC, and IN to name a few.

You won’t find an instructor of that level offering classes at more locations than this. Even for people who take classes in their state they often rent a hotel room in between anyway rather than driving 6 hours round trip (or whatever) in between classes.

It’s worth it

CT has a weekend course scheduled in Nashville but at $1.8k early bird is too much. They do have classes for 625 in AZ which don’t do me any good. Thanks for the link and info.

I’m all about practical training. Next on my agenda is escape and evade. How to get away while defending without turning my back. So far, the thing that seems to be showing up a lot is, I find myself sitting on the ground. For some reason, when backing up and keeping my eye on the target it seems really easy to trip and land on my butt.
Train Train Train, Drill Drill Drill

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Who is CT?

As for the kinetic consulting I shared, I realize the budget friendly-ish nature of the courses, for what you get, are for many irrelevant considering the price point to get NVG which is what a lot of theirs are focused on

Who is CT? See link below.

Unnecessary? Are you daft? The attacker approached them with a knife. Deadly force deserves deadly force.

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You can check out WPS training (warrior poet society). They have some good training and it gets a little more expensive each year but they offer a lot of training and they do training throughout the US but they are out of Georgia.

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I think the point here about “unnecessary” was referring not to the need for the driver to be shot once he approached them with a knife, but rather the yell from the male bicyclist which provoked the already unstable driver.


Thank God the driver in mention didn’t Moe them over with the car. Now in this new generation people are literally angry for whatever reason so its in my best interest to avoid all conflicts if possible.

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Hello and welcome @Oneil
Agreed, they flock to chaos.

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Not at all. No challenge, no stop, no getting out of his car, no confrontation. Everybody lives to see another day.