The Aftermath: Judge Doesn’t Waffle on Stand Your Ground

yeah. Correct.
But sometimes it’s hard to use different word. And I don’t know why “to punish” may be a bad word. It has been having the same meaning for thousands years…
I was “punished” by my Father, my kids were “punished” by me and my wife… and I’m sure my kids will one day “punish” their kids as well :wink:

I also applaud the judge for his/her action in this case.

I get it, but the word “punish” in the report could be construed as motive.

The motive better clearly be “fear of death or serious bodily harm”.

If someone questions the “motive” there are too many ways to sway a jury should it get to a civil or criminal trial.



Hospital report could be:
“Patient punished by gunshot wound caused by victim’s fear of death or serious bodily harm” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If it escalate to shooting make sure they don’t shoot back

Sort of wonder what the back story was. Just sitting down minding his own business when someone comes in out of the blue and knocks him off his seat? Maybe, but that doesn’t seem quite likely. I’m not saying the victim provoked it, but I doubt someone came in off the street, eyed the victim and attacked him, and that’s where the story began.

Any help from the @moderator?

should have just stayed in the store and waited for police. Avoid confrontation. dont follow attacker outside. First rule run second hide third fight fourth shoot if all else fails and attacker threatens your life. Basic rules of ccw training

He said he should shoot them in the leg.

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Why not? You have never seen people behaving like this?
You can simply imagine this - you are sitting in any fast food, where hundreds different people are coming in and out every hour… then some crazy, angry dude needs to express his frustration. You are first person he can get to…
This can happen everywhere, anytime.
Even the Vet did something… fe. looked at the attacker, smiled, stuck his tongue out… I don’t know… but it is still not a reason to be knocked to the floor.

And yes, we don’t know the very beginning of the story.

Following him was a mistake. Either wait till the police show up or use your weapon right there and then. Informing him that he’s about to go to jail is NOT a correct or good idea. Please stay safe!

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I wish we had more to tell you, but I only have the same info you do.

Situations that don’t have all the details can be frustrating but they also make us think of the most variations possible. :thinking:


I think that was a good thing we didn’t know details. This way we were not able to give the legal judgment, just shared our thoughts and learnt tactics.

We ALL agreed that staying inside the building would the best solution. :clap:

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Welcome, Daryl10!!

Thanks. If you get more info, I’d appreciate reading it. Something about this doesn’t seem to hold together completely.

Anytime a firearm is used, it is lethal force, that is what a firearm is.

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You won’t have more info. That is how “The Aftermath” works…

You have any studies to support your claim? I, personally, have been a pacifist my entire life. I have a family and it took a huge amount of introspection and numerous conversations with a relative, now retired LEO, to drive home the idea of using force to defend myself and family.

I believe that most here, especially the veterans that know what real violence is, do not want to harm anyone, but also will not just let harm befall themselves nor their families.

So, you would physically assault someone because you didn’t like their words? Your statement speaks more to who you are, then the rest of us. Your words paint you as the person you claim us to me. Interesting how you project your inadequacies upon others here.

I always get beat on because I am not a big supporter of "Stand Your Ground " laws. (Not going to debate it here/now, but SYG encourages shootings that may not need to be).
This was a good shoot.
The victim was currently under attack and was told by the attacker he had a gun.
Under these conditions, I wouldn’t even consider this a SYG case.
The only mistake would have been following the attacker outside. Nothing ever good comes from doing that.

I would not have bothered to go outside. The police were called. By going outside to confront the perpetrator you increase your risk of harm. What if the perp did have a gun. Our poor victim could have ended up getting hurt or even worse and innocent bystander could have gotten hurt.

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Just because one “could” do something doesn’t mean one “should” do something, especially when it comes to lethal force. I’m glad for the veteran that it worked out for him. However, especially in todays political climate a use of deadly force is going to be examined very closely and not always rationally nor legally. The article doesn’t state if he shot to wound or just missed. Shooting to wound has no legal basis. Going outside to “inform” the police were coming could be seen as instigating. Should have used deadly force to stop the threat if appropriate Should have stayed and established a good defensible tactical position until the police arrived.