The Aftermath: Fatal Attraction

Not every gun owner is a Second Amendment absolutist. I understand that. However, I am. While I agree that we should work to get proper basic firearms training for everyone (not just gun owners) I oppose any hint of such requirements simply to possess a firearm.

How about NRA Eddie Eagle in every elementary school, and the NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program (MQP) to Pro-Marksman in every high school freshman physical education class? Further MQP work could be a voluntary after school activity.


How about hand to hand techniques with firearms training.


I agree with Mr. DeWitt’s assessment 100%! The best shooting is the one you don’t have to have. Warning shots aren’t usually anything but a bad idea; a .22 isn’t much of a carry weapon, but it can certainly kill someone; and someone who is oblivious to all of the above shouldn’t be armed in the first place!


The firearm is always the last resort

  1. He should of never have picked up a gun in the first place.
  2. He should have walked away

Shooting warning shots is the first mistake

Here is an example

If you are walking towards someone mad and angry you are considered useing force

If your being punched in the face they are still using force

If someone pulls out a gun and points it at you directly always remember treat it as if were loaded
And until a firearm becomes a threat and it is pointed in your direction dont pull your firearm till that happens

I am aiming towards the biggest mistake however was to continue a toxic relationship

Common ground.

Using a firearm in a domestic situation is always a very bad idea even if you dont shoot the person

You lose your cc licence forever i think if a firearm is involved

Oh well, my edited version disappeared. The entire situation could have been avoided. Period. Avoid confrontations with anyone if possible. I will not reply again if you are going to delete them. Seek healthy relationships and settle for nothing less. Life is to short to be a dumbass.


I wouldn’t have brought out the gun unless she had one. I would have locked myself in a room and called the law.

Well if you do a good cross-sectional sampling of firearms threads regarding using a 22 long rifle for self-defense you will find literally hundreds of people who insist that 22 long rifle is not lethal. Of course they are wrong and when I see such claim I do my best to correct these imbeciles. Unfortunately oh, there are many people who read these threads who take the word of these imbeciles because they sound quite convinced of themselves and give anecdotal evidence that is BS.

Well stated. Thanks.

We were taught in the Army that the administration of a " Vertical Butt Stroke" right under the chin will usually take the aggressor out and it works. He would have laid that broad out without using precious ammo and not have a murder charge hung on him. Guess he was never in the Army!!!

Well you can tell this was written by a lawyer because it lacks continuity, heads toward confirmation bias and is logically fallacious.

Other conclusions drawn such as stating that this person should never be allowed to possess a firearm again show the lack of understanding of the situation and is an emotional opinion not based on logic and expresses a false dilemma. I could go on if I had time but I don’t. Keep in mind I’m not defending the shooter. I am attacking despicable arguments that reek of logical fallacy. But then again that’s what happens in courtrooms. Occasionally you get a judge who can think logically dead without and without bias and attorneys who are more interested in Justice and truth than in just winning their cases. But usually it’s a stupid sh*tshow. Keep this in mind: the majority of the House of Representatives of United States of America as well as the Senate is populated by attorneys.

Conversely, Lance, any collection of firearms used in homicide statistics will show that the common .22 is high on the list of fatal firearms. While it is illegal, I understand from conversations with game wardens that the .22 is also the most used firearm to take game illegally. I am talking about deer and bear, not squirrels and rabbits. While that is not a published statistic, the use of the .22 in homicides is. I suspect the defendant in the instant case is not a big reader. Just a gut feeling, nothing to base it on other than his choice of romantic companion.


Yes. Like voting, and our rights enshrined in our Bill of Rights, these things are not limited to those with common sense, or the propensity for self-education.

When many years ago I was a deputy game officer, spotlight poaching with .22s was our biggest problem by far.

Welcome to the family @Debbie16 and you are in the right place at the right time.

that is one thing
but manning up would be another
rushing her and the leaving is a better choice

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Always, Always, Always walk away when you can. The rest is covered by gun safety/knowledge.


Welcome to the family brother @fred83 and you are in the right place at the right time.