The Aftermath: Criminals Go Where the Money Is

Welcome to the community Robert! Thank you for your service!

Welcome EVERYBODY! All Newcomers and returning Gunners Welcome to ‘The Protection Zone’ 825,000+ STRONG!

Lloyd, Nobody knows how they will react First, Second time you are involved in a shoot.
You can’t say. You may take to it like a Baby Eagle thrown from the nest by his Momma. Fly little guy and you SOAR! Beautifully. Don’t think on the second possibility.
This is why we TRAIN Brother.
We Train, We shoot, We Dry Fire, We get to know every aspect of the Firearms, The Ammo, Cleaning, Carrying, Deployment, Holsters etc. What works, What doesn’t and we discard those.
We train till it’s Muscle Memory (then we train some more)
The Masters of the Gun, The Guru’s like Masad Ayoob and Clint Smith (Thunder Ranch–Oregon) Still train! They are who to listen to, read back copies online (Guns and Ammo) for Col. Jeff Cooper (Awesome)
Listen to the people here You have some righteous Gunners here (some still reside under a Bridge :troll: :troll: :troll:) Have fun with them.
We are here to support your growth!
We joke, clown around but we are serious about helping each other.



Can you share what the material is and where you bought it? Lots of folks here would probably be interested. (Myself for one)

I see all the bravado in these comments, and it reminds me of (most) movies where it all works out well for the good guy. Even in red states, where police haven’t been gutted, you take an awful lot of risk for yourself and your family, when you decide to go Rambo. You don’t know if they’re armed or how many there are. Unless you’re extremely well concealed, the intruders come into an easy line of fire, you won’t get nervous and shaky, and you’re certain that you have the jump on them, it’s a big gamble. A good alarm system will give you advance warning. Reinforced doorways and high impact windows make it much tougher, which increases the odds that they’ll take off and look for an easier target. If they do get it, you (and anyone over 18) need to be armed and ready, barricaded in a safe room. Your burglar alarm and/or panic button should already have called 911. Have a cellphone handy, in case they cut your land line or you don’t have one. Set up a kill zone funnel, taking cover behind something. A door bar that quickly goes up, makes your bedroom door more resistant. If they get past all of that, shoot to kill! Lastly, any self or home defense handgun needs a laser sight, NOT a red dot sight. You wanna aim and fire quickly, without having to raise your weapon to find that hologram, especially in stress fire situations.

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I have no one sleeping in other than my bedroom. Therefore I have NO good reason to ‘clear’ my darkened home after hearing a commotion or an alarm. My mantra is: THERE IS NOTHING IN MY HOUSE WORTH DYING FOR- or even being seriously injured or beaten. I am not The Equalizer. I am not John Wick. I do not want to be surprised by an unknown number or thugs, with unknown intentions, and unknown weapons. Take my freakin’ TV. Take my silverware. Take my computer. But if you try to come thru my locked bedroom door, I WILL unleash the Hounds of War upon you. Meanwhile, I have armed up, called 911, and positioned myself for what happens next- TO YOU.


I hope they where right with Jesus


Welcome @William1115 and @Douglas217 !!!

I was GI Joe when I did my military service. Now I’m older and smarter. I will not hesitate to take a life if I have to. But being offensive, when you don’t know what you’re dealing with is just plain ignorant. I would stay where I have cover and can defend myself, no matter the situation. Then I would make it known, loud and clear, that the intruders NEED TO LEAVE … Letting them know that I was WELL ARMED & TRAINED and WOULD NOT HESITATE TO SHOOT! If they are stupid enough to test me, they won’t leave my home in the prone position … not because I GET to shoot, but because I HAVE to.


Welcome to the community Steve! Thank you for your service!


@William1115 , @Douglas217, and @Steve365 Welcome to the community!

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Welcome @Steve365 you are amongst friends here,

granted, there are trolls too, let their jabs pass like bullets in the wind.

We got your back.

This one of those times that unless you know for sure someone broke into your home anyone would most likely investigate.My self i would try to stay undetected being up stairs is a good start,if you can do that of course is the best. I woud stay put call the police and wait prepare for the worst hope for the best.

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Welcome @Gilbert34 !

We live in a condo, not much distance between the front door and the bedroom but I would tell them I’m armed with a 45, they can decide if they want to die.

Kind of offering an option: “Do you want to have a bad day and live or a last day? Your choice.”