The Aftermath: BBs Go Out, Bullets Come Back

Welcome to Aftermath, a portion of our First Line email newsletter where Attorney Anthony L. DeWitt walks you through a real-life self-defense incident and shares his key takeaways.

BBs Go Out, Bullets Come Back

Four young men took a BB gun into their minivan and decided to shoot at people and their property. Columbia, Missouri, where this occurred, is a constitutional carry jurisdiction. Initially the vandalism went unopposed. However, after more than $800 in property damage and four people shot with BBs, things took a bad turn. One of the van shooters pointed the BB gun at a man who was legally armed. The man fired his weapon, sending a round that nearly took off the vandal’s nose. The self-defender believed his life was threatened by a real gun and was not charged.

Is your neighborhood wracked by vandals and ghouls each year on Halloween? How do you prepare?