The Aftermath: Ambushing the Pizza Delivery Guy

I personally wouldn’t have handled the situation any different given the circumstances I dont think he had any other choice its either them or me

I believe what rick said in the sense it is you or them perf. Uscca has been so great in helping me with everything from when, how and of course the after. That being said like uscca has helped with is cannot say what I would do cause do not know the exact situation and the whole story of how far away and so on. Everything changes when you can say what I would do in this situation, and actually being there, Like many articles here on USCCA in to the fray explains that in any situation, adrenaline, accuracy and being able to read what comes next. Everything become heightened and taking a couple of deep breaths does not hurt. Also seconds count in this situation like this and need to make sure of surroundings to make sure the shooters are the only ones being (killed) lol, and not innocent by standers. I am glad it worked out for delivery man. The only thing I would of done different is make sure none of the shooters come out, still Alive. lol. I love the fact that USCCA cannot stress enough that training and more training is critical and should be a life long job that never ends. Keep up the great work you guys and so glad joined the best outfit in America, not only how, when and where but the legalities. Jerome

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Yes. I would killed both of these scum slug bottom feeders .
Retired U.S. NAVY SEABEE, YES I CARRY A 9MM EVERY DAY. Thanks for sharing.

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If you read the story, he was going to get shot if he did nothing.

So I see no downside in drawing, especially if you have something like a pizza box to obscure the view of you drawing. The element of surprise is on your side.

I’m sorry but what I have learned these days. these criminals have no mercy and no regards for life. I will not hesitate to kill on the humbug… If it’s ever me against them Defense is a understatement

These events make for good discussion and training topics. And this perspective of an incident keeps you grounded in what one might do, rather than pick apart what someone else thought they had to do, IMHO.

its either myself or them i would have done the same thing

First off, I’ve done pizza delivery in the past as a 2nd job for extra income. In the lovely anti gun state of CA might I add. In my policies and procedures it specifically stated that even if I had a license to carry, I could not and it would be a immediate termination. For me, life is more precious than a job, and the whole point of concealing is, they don’t know you have it! I am a lucky one that does legally carry in CA. Hence, why I’m an elite member of USCCA.
Now, the story only says they brandished weapons, not that they drew on the driver. That could simply mean they pulled up shirts to flash weapons in an attempt to intimidate to rob, maybe hoping he’d just give up the pizza and the $15 in change that we carry!  Key point, only $15 is carried for change!! They weren’t gonna get rich, just being thuggish for the sake of being thugs! 
He saw the advantage, whatever it was, the story doesn’t allow us to armchair quarterback his decision. We simply don’t have all the facts, but the most important fact is all we need. He laid out their asses and saved his own!
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I don’t blame you. You’re probably entitled to two free pizza’s because they were cold and dirty when you got them. If I get some training and improve the speed of my draw, next time you will just get them dirty.

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Love the great conversation going on here!

If we are ever in imminent danger of death or grave bodily harm, we are shooting to stop the threat. While we realize our shots may kill, our goal is ALWAYS to stop the thread.

Please be very careful about what you say and post online as it can be used against you in court. Saying “I’d be sure to kill them or wouldn’t leave them alive” will be taken by a prosecutor as we were looking for someone to kill, not trying to defend our lives.

@Rich7 had a great idea as well- depending on the situation, throw the pizza at them and run! You might be able to get away or to a more tactically advantageous position… if that’s an option.

Keep up the great conversations and be sure to check out the rest of the Community!


Thanks for the Frist Line as the driver did the right things for his situation it definitely shows his training and and situation awareness came in to play and brought him out a winner

Eaten the pizza or give it to the police…

In the end, the bad guy is 1) bluffing harm or 2) intent on harming you. If it’s a bluff, you have a chance drawing down the barrel of another gun. There will probably be hesitation from the bad guy.
If it’s the latter, hope your life insurance covers lead poisoning.

That’s obviously a black and white picture of the attackers motivations. We all know theres grey. I think about what kind of tells I’d look for when trying to do that math. The “gift of fear” is a good book on that. Unfortunately for me, I think in that 1.37 seconds of time I’ll have to do the math, I’ll spend 1.25 of those seconds trying not to poop myself.

Throwing the pizza box at them seems to be the best idea to divert their attention.

To me, that is the best technique, to have the proper time to draw your own weapon,
which must be fired quite rapidly in succession toward both perpetrators.

Better than that though, is that some pizza businesses have the policy of " somewhat
making it be known" that their drivers do not carry any change.

If this was a policy that they all widely did and advertised, this situation would essentially
never have an opportunity to occur.

Not to change the subject but I couldn’t resist asking if the Concealed Carry Expo will be in Kansas?..lolprestrump


Yes it is, @Teresa4! Check it out here: USCCA Expo Tickets - On sale now!

Asked Donald Trump after the Superbowl :rofl:

No, it’s in MO. :blush:

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Everyone reacts to danger a little different than what they really think they would do… If it were me and I thought they were going to shoot me I think I would take the chance and shoot first. I may not have another chance. I carry primarily because I refuse to be the HELPLESS subject of a crime. I am bold and I am confident; I like to think I am also smart and would make the correct choice.

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I think you would have to be there to know what you would do.

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After reading the short senario, I would have to respond, depends in your state what it is interpreted as excessive force. Though you may say you are in eminent danger, the best thing would to just give them the money. Though the outcome came out in the pizza guys favor, you never just want to branish your weapon and fire. The intent according to the story was to rob,not kill the pizza guy. In the heat of the moment a choice was made and no matter who is wrong or right, a life was lost. This is the difficult part of being a gun owner or not is the commitment of taking a life. In this case, I would say the pizza guy was correct in protecting himself if he was eminent danger based on how the story was told.