The 28 Amendment will be real when this guy takes control


Some people just want to torch the world! Can’t fix stupid! Then again…


And what would people who dislike George Soros propose to do? Take his money away from him or dictate what he can and cannot do with his money?

There’s a kid that knows nothing, has done nothing, has never had a job. Raised in the billionaire world by an activist billionaire. Unfortunately it’s kids like this that have never met the guy that is fixing to turn the electricity to his apartment off. Never had to pay a bogus traffic citation because he could afford the $100.00 fine and not the $1,000.00 retainer for a lawyer. His world experience is someone doing everything for home all of the time. AND ONLY Because his dad leaves him a billions of buck he will be placed into a position that could very well change the landscape of our entire country.


If I remember correctly back around 2010 WA state made a big push to catch speeders and litterbugs. Each was a minimum fine $100. I only drove to work, 8 miles, and back home.

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For the guy who created “stupid”, I can get real creative.

Soros is the creep that loves when scum runs the world, yeah!
I can be real creative!

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Expose his evil intent and influence!



Are you serious? I have always pegged you as a troll, you proved it here, yet again. You really want the world that Soros is trying to create? One sans our once great USA? Even I, an Atheist can see the evil he is doing.


When the Sh-- hits the fan
there will be a fight. Some say WAR.
There WE THE WARRIORS will either Win
or Lose. If we win, there will be Arrests,
Trials and Executions of the EVIL people that
tried to take over the world.
If we lose…What difference does it make.
Soros and his ilk (son included now) are the reason
for all the strife inflicted on the World today.
Evil needs to be eradicated totally and completely.
The Puppets and their Puppet masters need to die.
Open your EYES folks , this isn’t a bumbling senior citizen
who has dementia trying to get us to fall in line.
This is what we are up against:

…it has infested every corner of our world, from Politics to Hollywood.
From Ukraine (Nazi’s) to Los Angeles ( Newsome/Pelosi)
There will be no peace until this is WON.

Boy, that’s gonna work.

Realistically no. That would be impossible. What can be done is to generate backlash via disenchanted ethnic minorities - Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims , etc. together with the Patriot Front there would be enough disruption to perhaps slow his efforts down or at the very least make them unpopular to a vast majority. You can’t stop Soros’ anymore then you can bankrupt Anheuser-Busch. But you can make him a most hated man.