The 21 Foot Rule

@William237 Speaking of of surprise, another reason not to put yourself in a small space with people you don’t know. :scream:VERY VIOLENT AND GRAFIC :scream: GRAFIC MURDER :scream:


Welcome to the family brother @William237 and you are blessed to be here.

I was taught that it was called the Tueller “principle” and not a hard and fast rule. Just my 2 cents.


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@Kevin90 Welcome to the community, we are glad to have you here. Stay safe, Bruce and Nancy. :+1:

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Welcome to the family @kevin90 and you are blessed to be here.

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Cummins Allison


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Cool name :slight_smile:

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So, I take it … this Cummins is not the Comealong Diesel…

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Agree “Drawing” your Gun May just get you in trouble.
BUT - There may be things you can do to get an “Edge”
if you feel threatened.

Pre-staging your Defense.
1 - Awareness
2 - Clear your cover garment
3 - Clear Retention Devises if needed.
4 - Place your hand “on” your gun and establish a firing Grip.
5 - Stop there and “Hold”

With these things done you should be able to Draw and fire
really fast - Say 1/2 sec “if” “You are Forced To” Especially if you draw only to a
“Low Retention” Position.

The other key factor is Situation Awareness - “Always Aware”- “In Public”.
See Color Codes of Awareness.

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Be careful of placing hand on firearm… and even more so with establishing a firing grip.

Some states that may be considered a crime, and perhaps a threat to another who may see that as you being the aggressor.


I heard they were brothers. We manufacture and service $ counters…

I agree - Know your gun laws where you live, where you are.
“I” carry my gun in a Fanny Pack so you cannot see what my hand is on.
Also it “may” be to your advantage to Blade your body away from the threat to
not show where your gun hand is.
As the man said “Be Nice” until its time to “Not Be NIce”.
D-escalate if possible. Be prepared if not.


Good point, but to be honest I am personally not a fan of off body… even in a fanny pack hooked to my belt it is to me off body.

I switched to the Weaver stance in the 80s, in part to have a stable and movable shooting platform and to have a smaller profile facing the threat.

It is helpful to make yourself smaller… and microscopic if you can :slight_smile:

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Agree - A Fanny Pack is not for everyone.
But there “Can” be advantages.

1st - Full Disclosure & Experience/Training
I am State and DHS Certified Instructor
Weekly Competition Shooter - Combat Pistol, Rifle, PCC etc for 10yr now.
And Trained in the Tactics of actually “Fighting with a gun” - CQB & XCQB.
1-hand shooting, 1 hand re-loads, a lot more.
I have shot from most every position you can imagine and some you cant.
Rain, Sleet, snow, heat.
Moving platforms, ditches, roofs, tent, boats, bed - name it.
Moving Threats with Non-threats added.

Also Have experience being attacked, shot “at”, and responding - for real.
A Degreed Engineer. In my mid 70’s
So most people don’t really notice me anymore or care what I have on.
So “I” may have some advantages over your average CCW.
Or - depends on your view - I have disadvantages others dont have :slightly_smiling_face:

In my Fanny Pack I have installed a kydex holster mounted vertically and secured.
I slide the Pack around to the 3 oclock/My Carry/Draw position.
I Have extended handle on the zipper - and practice opening.

Typically I would prefer to “Blade” my body to my Weak side while I position my hand on my gun.
And “Hold”- There - hoping the Threat will just leave.
As Corriea says you may have to "Wait for “Your-Turn”.

For “Me” - “Shooting” is absolute last resort when Awareness, Avoidance and De-escalation fail.
But be Fully Prepared - Body and Mind-set.

Also I carry a Tac Light and a Full Size Double Mag Pouch on my off-side/9 oclock,
in a covered pouch.
Mag Pouch’s with fold-over covers so not noticeable they are actually Magazines.
I am carrying about 50 rds tot. Ready to stop a mass shooter if needed - try anyway.
ie - Fully Loaded, For several years now and - No-One has Ever said anything about it.
I have asked people if they know what I am carrying - most all say they have No Idea.

My objectives - To be fully capable and prepared to stop a mass shooter, if needed,
wherever I may be. But not scare the public with guns and ammo “Showing”.
Or “Acting” like I am a badass.
NO - “Look at me and my gun here”.

ie Look/Act “Normal” BUT - Prepared to “Respond” ie “Go to war” if “Forced too”.


VERY TRUE - 21 FT may not be nearly far enough away.

Not only for us older folks who cant move well anymore.
But consider some of the Thugs out there Now are World Class Athletes
and can run like hell.

I tested this once on a practiced competition shooter from 30ft and he lost,
I got to him before he could draw.
And Most competition shooters draw much faster than those who dont train and practice.

I have tested this many times on students (some of which are competition shooters) and have yet to have one that could Draw and shoot before being stabbed.

Makes you realize your 1st Best Defense is “Awareness” & Training/Preparation.
And 21ft is an Ideal Minimum for Ideal Circumstances and not applicable to many if not most
“Real Life” situations.


Myth Busters did a segment on this…