Thanksgiving Vigilance

My hope and prayer is that all will have a peaceful, joyous and wonderful Thanksgiving. Please be safe if you are traveling, remain situationally aware of your surroundings, don’t take any unnecessary risks, mind your business, keep your family or loved ones safe, including yourself. If driving, your driving might be fine, but watch out for the other guy who may not be paying attention, drive defensively, and please, don’t be the “other guy.”

Blessings to all of you,

Grace and peace.


Thank you Sir. You and yours also. :clinking_glasses:
We are traveling tomorrow so taking an extra firearm and ammo and IFAC. :thinking:


Same here on the extra firearm and ammo, and medical. Stay safe out there.


Same to you.

Had to be more cautious today as a Frys Grocery store a city away had to close due to a stabbing.
The baddies will always have a way. It is up to us to protect ourselves and our loved ones…

The holidays bring out alot of good in people, but also seems to trigger others :grimacing:


Thank you and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


So many things to be thankful for in spite of what’s happening in the world. :pray:t3:

Avoid Black Friday shopping unless it’s at your LGS :wink:

Have wonderful moments with family, friends and enjoy good food! :maple_leaf:


To everyone here.

Have a safe and happy holiday season. Enjoy your loved ones.


Travelled to our destination today. Got delayed behind a 6 vehicle accident that had happened sometime before we got there. We were thankfully we were not in it.

Be safe and have a happy thanksgiving.

Went through a security checkpoint at a place we visited today. Cop asked me what was clipped to my pocket. I smiled showed it to him and told him it was the same thing he had clipped to his vest-a flashlight (literally exact same model). We both smiled and got a good laugh. He then asked if I had anything else. I showed him my Swiss Army knife and he said that’s fine and we went on through. :grin:


As my father always told us kids,you know what you are doing,but you dont know what the other driver is going to do


Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


Everyone be safe, be thankful, and remember to start an argument with your relatives, it will save you money on Christmas gifts😀


Just traveling across town but will EDC as usual. Wish everyone is safe and Happy Thanksgiving and once again thanks to all the vets for making that possible.


To my extended families
A very happy Thanksgiving , eat well, drink responsibly and be safe!


I was driving North on I-95 minding my own business a couple days ago, when I came up on a really loud 80’s vintage Cutlass going slow in the left lane. I moved over to pass him and of course he gunned it and took off. I stayed in the right lane on cruise control, so he slowed down to get back beside me. A BMW came up and parked on Cutlass rear bumper. I glanced over at the Cutlass and the passenger flicks a cigarette at me. I turned the cruise off and fell back. BMW and Cutlass played the gun it, slam the brakes game for a while and both pulled over at the next exit.

I don’t know if they were working together or got into it at the exit. I went back on cruise and kept heading North :grinning:


I realize it is not always practical, but we usually take all the seconary roads…small town i.e 55 -45-35-45-55 & back on the way. It’s slower, but you never know when an accident/road work/weather on the heavily travelled highways will occur.